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Boston knows how to throw a party! THANK YOU BRUINS!

June 20, 2011

Wednesday June 15, 2011 was the day {or should I say night} my Boston sports victories became a complete set.  Up to Wednesday night I had seen all of my beloved teams win their respective championships, but Lord Stanley’s  elusive Cup was the only victory I had never seen.  Until June 15th!  I have now been witness to TEN BOSTON VICTORIES in my life, and I’m only 34….I plan on viewing MANY more!!!!

*For those of you scratching your heads, here are the Championships I’ve seen.   {also note I come from a family of crazy/dedicate sports fans}

Boston CELTICS: 1981, 1984, 1986 and 2008

New England PATRIOTS: 2002, 2004 and 2005

Boston RED SOX: 2004 and 2007

Boston BRUINS: 2011


It all started with the 2002 New England Patriots  winning the Super Bowl  for the first time EVER!  Patriots fans went generations without ever seeing the Pats win the Super Bowl!  {my 4 grandparents lived and died and only ever saw the Celtics and Bruins win their respective championships.}

*The thing about Boston/New England sports fans….we’re diehard, loyal and slightly crazed about our teams in good times and bad!!! 

To honor the Patriots and to let the fans say, “Thank You,” to the team,  Boston organized a parade which started at the Hynes convention center and rolled through the streets of Boston on a mile and a half course.  The players, coaches, owners and their families boarded Boston’s famous Duck Boats for the parade.  The “Rolling Rally” as Mayor Menino dubbed it, was a huge hit with the fans.  So much so, that when the   Patriots won again in 2004, there was another “Rolling Rally” in their honor.

2004 was also the Red Sox first “Rolling Rally” as they snapped their 86 year losing streak, and brought the World Series trophy home to Boston for the first time since 1918!  This time the Rally started at Fenway Park, rolled through the streets of Boston and through the Charles Rivah!  {where they keep the infamous “Dirty Water.”}

2005 Patriots get another Rolling Rally.  {trust me, it never gets old!}

2007 Red Sox Rolling Rally number 2.

I believe it was because they were feeling the need to be like the “cool kids,” the Celtics won their first championship trophy since 1986 in 2008, and got a “Rolling Rally” of their own.  The Celts parade started at the TD Garden, {“Tha Gahden” if you’re from the area} and proceeded through the streets of Boston into Copley Square along a 2 mile route.

So 3 out of 4 Boston/New England teams had won their championship, the eyes of all turned to the Bruins.  Over the past 5 years, they had gotten progressively closer to “The Cup,” but lost in heartbreaking series year after year.

In the 2010/2011 season, “B-lieve in Boston!” became the mantra of the Bruins fans.  “We want the Cup!” chants could be heard throughout the 2011 playoffs from the Boston faithful.  At one point the  “Why Not Us?” question, made famous by the 2004 Red Sox, was being thrown about.

*It should be noted that when a Boston/New England team does well the fans throw the words, “we” and “us”  about to describe the teams accomplishments, but when the team is doing poorly the words, “them” and “they” are used.  So the “WE Want The Cup” would have been “THEY lost the Cup” had things not ended as they did.  “Why not US” would have been “THEY lost again.


The Bruins are finally getting their “Rolling Rally!”  I geared up for the Bruins parade and then the Red Sox game that night.  😉

I met up with 2 friends to watch the Rally roll through the streets of Boston.  This was my first rolling rally.  {I’d watched the others on TV} We all met at Tha Gahden and listened to the players and coaches get the fans riled up.  The Duck Boats filled with players, staff, owners and families headed onto Causeway Street and thus began the “Bruins rolling Rally” through Boston.  Lord Stanley’s Cup was in the first boat along with Zdeno Chara and company!  My friends and I then got on the T and headed to Copley Square where the end of the rally would be.

The photos below will show you how amazingly AWESOME it was!  I was also at the Red Sox game the next day when the Bruins “Rolling Rally part deux” took place at Fenway Park!

OK, I’ve yammered on enough…enjoy the photos!  🙂  {Thank you to my friend, Paul for some of the pix}