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Pie In The Sky

November 15, 2011

So we’ve all heard of Pie In The Sky, here in Boston….wait….you haven’t?  Oh!  Well, to be quite honest, neither had I until today.  I am on twitter (@IrishRedSox77 look me up) and saw a tweet from @BostonTweet about a flash mob-style sing-a-long to “American Pie” outside the Pru at noon.  Well my office building is adjacent to the Pru, so I figured why not go out and see this on my lunch break, right?

At noon I ventured out and saw 2 HUGE apple pies and a group of smiling people all wearing the same black t-shirt from with a slice of pie on the front.  One of the ladies in the pie shirt asked a coworker and I if we wanted to sing at 12:30 with them.  Sure, why not, right?  (my coworker declined and headed back to work)

So in the half hour I had to wait before singing with this lovely group of people, I first learned the song: which was Don McLean’s, “American Pie” with alternative words, then got talking and trying to figure out what I had just gotten myself into.   Turns out I have “gotten myself into” a wonderful organization with people who are passionate and caring!

PIE IN THE SKY BOSTON:  (taken from their website:

About Pie in the Sky

More than a fundraiser, Pie in the Sky fosters community spirit and engages the public in the mission of Community Servings — Eastern Massachusetts’ free home-delivered meals and nutrition program for the critically ill.
Each November since 1993, Boston’s best restaurants, bakeries, caterers and hotels donate thousands of pies that over 500 volunteers then sell to family, friends and colleagues. Each pie costs $25, providing a week’s worth of hearty home-delivered meals to a Community Servings’ client and a tasty Thanksgiving treat to the buyer.
Corporate donors provide financial support and donations of in-kind services. Thanks to the dedication and generosity of our pie sellers and volunteers, $.92 of every $1.00 raised in 2009 went directly to feeding Community Servings’ clients.
Rest assured, when you support Community Servings through Pie in the Sky, your contribution goes directly to our neighbors in greatest need — homebound individuals and families struggling with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life-threatening illnesses and who are too sick to shop or cook for themselves.

History of Pie in the Sky

In 1993, members of the restaurant community — who lost many friends and colleagues to AIDS — conceptualized and launched Pie in the Sky. Knowing how food can improve someone’s emotional and physical well-being, Pie in the Sky was an ideal way for Boston’s chefs, caterers, and restaurateurs to support Community Servings’ clients. As our mission has expanded to serve people struggling with any life-threatening illness, our friends in the restaurant community have stood by us. Through their generosity, Pie in the Sky is now the World’s Greatest Bake Sale — raising 15% of Community Servings’ private fundraising revenue! We are deeply grateful for their ongoing support and encourage you to frequent their establishments.
If you’re looking for a wonderful cause and some delicious pie, check out and buy a pie, or send one as a gift this holiday season!
To the Pie In The Sky volunteers, keep up the great work!  Thank you for letting me sing with you today!  xoxo

My amazing daughter is at it again…

November 22, 2010

Am I going to brag about my daughter?  You bet your arse I am!  This *is* my blog after all!  😉

Last year, in 6th grade, Bunny read an article in the local paper asking people to gather supplies for the troops, and send little care packages to them during the holiday season.  Well, she took it a step further and wrote a proposal to her teacher and principal requesting to get the entire middle school involved.  After accepting the proposal, the principal had Bunny give  speeches to the 4 grades explaining what the collecting of supplies was all about.    First off…in 6th grade, I couldn’t give a speech in front of ANYONE let alone 4 different grades!

Bunny, along with a number of teachers, had the classes make boxes for collecting the supplies, and placed them all around the school.  She monitored the boxes like a hawk, and reprimanded a boy for taking a box of hot cocoa.  {the boy apologized and returned the cocoa.}  After a few weeks of collecting the supplies, the kids put the packages together, along with notes to the soldiers.  When deciding where specifically to send the supplies, it was discovered that one teacher’s husband and one student’s father were serving in Iraq together, so the supplies went to them.

There was a great article in the local paper about this fund-raising effort, and Bunny was mentioned as the brains behind the campaign, but there was {and rightfully so} a bigger focus on the teacher and student who had loved ones serving in Iraq.  She was a little disenchanted by this and thought nobody noticed all of her hard work.  Her father and I reassured her that the principal and teachers noticed, and she was not doing this for the notoriety, but for the good of the soldiers.  Well, in June when she was graduating from 6th grade, she received the highest award from the PTO “Humanitarian of the Year” for her hard work.  The PTO made a donation to the charity of her choice, so she sent her $100 donation to The Jimmy Fund.

This year she is in the 7th grade at the Jr/Sr high school.   She wrote her proposal in September to her new principal and got the approval today.  She will be working with both the middle school and Jr/Sr high school to gather supplies for the troops this year!  Twice the workload, but also twice as many troops being sent care packages!!!

I could not be more proud of my daughter!  She is a straight A student, has a heart of pure gold and is the sweetest child I have ever met.  To call her mine, is an honor!  I will write another post when the mission is complete.

Help Dunkin Donuts and The USO along with Joe Nichols

November 1, 2010

Social media has most definitely affected my life in a positive way.  I was looking at my facebook posts this morning, and noticed Dunkin Donuts’ post about country singer Joe Nichols performing at the Pru Mall food court. {My office building is adjacent to the Pru Mall in Boston, and the food court is someplace I visit on a regular basis.}  I didn’t read the rest of the post, and had no idea WHY Nichols would be performing, all I needed to know was Joe Nichols…noon…food court.


Well, to my great pleasure,the reason for the concert was a wonderful one!  From November 1st-November 14th, for every 2 pounds of Dunkin Donuts coffee you purchase in their shops, or online, DD will donate 1 pound to the USO.  It’s just that simple!  You purchase 2 pounds, DD donates 1 pound!  November is Veterans Month, and I am a huge supporter of our troops.  My family has fought to defend America since the Civil War.  I know how much a simple thing like coffee means to the troops.

Great big THANK YOU to Dunkin Donuts, The USO, Country 102.5 and Joe Nichols for getting the word out about this wonderful cause.


As for the Joe Nichols concert…I sat front row and Joe was amazing!  He sang a few songs and then posed for pictures with fans.  A friend of mine, who worked as his security through the mall, told me Joe is a great down to Earth guy who was a pleasure to talk to.  When I met him he called me Miss. Jenney…gotta love a Southern Gentleman!  😉















The Proposal…

July 29, 2010

As many of you now know, a friend of mine, Jim Tomasetti, will be walking in this years JIMMY FUND WALK in September.  Jim is looking for donations and I told him I would help.  I have always been amazing at getting people to donate to causes in person, but have discovered it is a lot more difficult in the “virtual world.”  SO I am going to propose this to everyone who reads this blog…

I am donating $50 to Jim’s walking team BUT… From July 29, 2010 through September 1, 2010…

If you donate at least $25, I will donate an additional $1.

If you donate $1,000 or more, I will donate an additional $25

If you donate $10,000 or more, I will donate an additional $100

I have lots of facebook and twitter friends, so this could really add up for me, but I am glad to do it for a great cause and a great friend.

If you’re on twitter reading this, PLEASE ReTweet!!!  (RT)

If you’re on facebook reading this, PLEASE copy and paste to your status!

Donating is easy (as well as a tax write-off)  😉

Go to:

Click on the “Support a Walker” tab

In the Last Name field, type TOMASETTI and hit <ENTER>

You will see JIM TOMASETTI with the team name “Setti’s Squad”  {click on Jim’s name}

Fill in the donation amount and then the required information.  Your next option is to click “In Support of” “In Memory of” “”In Honor of” etc.  Click the “In Support Of” and then type: JKMG {This will make it easier to keep track of how many donations I helped with.}


JIMMY FUND {a little history}

July 16, 2010

Founded in 1948 in Boston, Massachusetts, THE JIMMY FUND has been supporting cancer care and research for patients for the past 62 years. Although he didn’t found The Jimmy Fund, Ted Williams was among its biggest supporters throughout his life. Williams, who loved children and hated cancer, was known for visiting the children in Boston area hospitals with little fanfare and press around him. The famous “Ted Williams Jimmy Fund Statue” depicts the “Splendid Splinter” placing a cap upon the bare head of a young cancer patient, as a tribute to his decades of support and donations . Although there are no solid numbers, “The Kid” raised millions of dollars for The Jimmy Fund.

There really was a “Jimmy!” Einar Gustafson was a 12-year-old cancer patient of Dr. Sidney Farber. Gustafson was a die-hard baseball fan, whose favorite team, in 1948, was the Boston Braves. Being in the hospital all the time without a television, prevented the young fan from watching his beloved team. On May 22, 1948, Ralph Edwards hosted his radio show, “Truth or Consequences” from California, and thanks to The Variety Club of New England (now the Variety Children’s Charity of New England) Einar Gustafson, surrounded by his favorite players of the Boston Braves, gave an interview from his hospital bed in Boston, Ma. In order to protect his true identity, they dubbed Einar, “Jimmy.” “Jimmy” told his story of longing for a television set so he could watch his beloved ball team while receiving cancer treatments in the hospital. At the end of the interview, there was a plea from Edwards to America to send donations to Boston in order to purchase a television set for the young boy. America, being the great nation that it is, responded with donations of over $200,000. “Jimmy” got his television, and thus “THE JIMMY FUND” was formed.

In 1953, The Boston Red Sox formed a partnership with The Jimmy Fund, and for the past 57 years, The Jimmy Fund has benefited from the Red Sox generous fans, players, owners and GMs. There are countless events and fundraisers hosted by the Boston Red Sox to support their local charity throughout the year. Like Ted Williams, many of the Red Sox players visit the Dana-Farber Cancer Research Center in Boston without fanfare or media following them.

For the past 21 years, the Boston Athletic Association has held their Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk along the 26.2 mile course of the World Famous Boston Marathon route. A good friend of mine, Jim Tomasetti, has taken part in this walk for the past few years. He is once again partaking in the walk, and is looking for donations. Jim is a great guy who is a HUGE Red Sox fan, as well as a HUGE cancer research supporter! Last year his team raised over $5,500, and this year he has set his team’s goal to $10,000. If everyone who reads this blog donates $25, Jim will reach his $10,000 goal in no time! It’s easy to donate, just follow the steps below:

(1) Log onto

(2) Then click “Support a Walker” in the top right hand side of page.

(3) Type Jim’s last name “Tomasetti”… into the last name field

(4) Then click Jim’s name which will bring you to the page where you can donate. {His team is”Setti’s Squad”}

Thank you all so much for supporting a wonderful cause as well as a great friend! GOOD LUCK JIM!!!