My dream about Tek…not what you think!

Recently I have stressed over what to do about my hair.  I love that it is long, but it’s getting dry and the ends are splitting.  I am going to be getting a haircut very soon…most likely within the next few days.

So last night, after taking Nyquil, I fell asleep and the following dream happened…

I was walking down the street…a beautiful small town New England street where the houses are far apart and the autumn foliage was in full color.  There was a horse farm coming up and I walked over to watch the three beautiful horses in  the field. 

While  standing under an oak tree, leaning against the brown wooden fence, I watched a chestnut horse galloping freely while two white horses were at the far end of the field talking to each other.  (Well, I couldn’t hear it, but what else would they be doing?)

Any way…along comes this guy.  He walked over to me, leans against the fence next to me (our elbows were touching) and said, “I love watching them too, it’s so relaxing.”  I smiled without looking at him and said, “Yeah its wicked relaxing.”  Then I decided to look over at him with my best flirty look, because I liked his voice, and nearly fell over!  HOLY SH*T…JASON F’n VARITEK!!!

  Wait…Jason F’n Varitek just walked over to me while I was watching horses and said he found them relaxing too???  This is just too strange, I must be dreaming I thought.  I pinched my arm and it hurt, therefore it wasn’t a dream. 

Jason asked why I just pinched my arm and I told him because I thought it must have been a dream.  He laughed and said I wasn’t dreaming, he really was right there with me watching horses.  He explained that since he retired he has enjoyed life a lot more.  He has pursued things that he is passionate about and a lot of those things have nothing to do with baseball.   OH!  Alright, well that makes perfect sense, I thought.

We were chatting about horses, Autumn in New England and then my hair.  He said he loved my hair, but could see why I was stressing.  He took my hand and said, “Come with me, I know exactly what to do.”  So hand in hand, Jason (f’n) Varitek and I walked two blocks to a hair salon.  (I didn’t notice the name of the salon when I walked in.)

Jason and I walked past the few hairdressers and clients in the salon toward the back where the hair sinks are.  All the ladies lit up when he walked in and greeted him with smiles and kind words. 

Jason F’n Varitek walks into a hair salon and nobody thinks it’s strange.  But I had pinched myself, so I wasn’t dreaming…right???

Any way…Jason leads me right to one of the hair sinks and tells me to sit.  He then goes in a backroom and comes back with a salon cape for me to wear.  (Red with blue Red Sox “B” all over it.)  He tells e to lean back in the chair and puts the water on.  I hesitate, “Uuuumm…Jason…that’s sweet and all, but shouldn’t one of the hairdressers be doing this?”  He smiles a huge Cheshire Cat smile and says, “I am the hairdresser!  Remember when I told you I was pursuing things I was passionate about?  THIS is what I love doing the most!”  And with that he started washing my hair.  He told me he was using a magical shampoo and magical conditioner to keep my hair from breaking and becoming damaged.  He then brought me over to his salon chair, cut the ends of my hair and styled it beautifully.  Honestly, my hair has never looked THAT gorgeous before!

When he was done he gave me a hug and sent me on my way.  (I think I had a date that night and with the magic of Jason F’n Varitek, I now looked fabulous.)  As I was walking out his wife Catherine was walking in.  She gave me a hug and told me my hair looked amazing.  I told her it was her hubby’s doing.  “Isn’t he amazing with his hands.  I LOVE when he washes my hair!” she said.  “Yeah, that was pretty cool.  I had no idea this was his passion though.” I said.  “Well I would have thought when you walked into the salon it would  have given it away.” She laughed.  “Oh, I never even looked at the name of the salon.” I replied. 


I woke up this morning laughing.  This was one of those dreams that felt so real.  Oh well, I guess if Tek ever decides to own a salon, COSME-TEK’S SALON would be a good name!  😉

Also…I need some magic done to my hair ASAP!!!


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