My ‘Dear John’ letter to the 2011 Red Sox

Dear 2011 Red Sox,


The spring was cold and raw. The way we started was rocky, but I believed in you when you didn’t seem to believe in yourself.  I stood by you and encouraged you in that cold, raw spring until slowly you came around and seemed to believe in yourself…dare I say, in us. We were going to make it through this cold, raw spring, and have a bright future together.


The cold, raw spring turned into a beautiful warm summer.  Our rocky start was a thing of the past. We flirted, we laughed, and you gave me tokens of your affection and did everything in your power to prove to me how much I meant to you.  I believed in you, and you believe in yourself, and together we both believed in us! We spent the beautiful warm summer in a state of absolute bliss, without a care in the world.


The beautiful warm summer gave way to the crisp chill of autumn.  Our blissful summer seemed to end abruptly.  I believed in you with all my heart and soul, but you….YOU stopped believing in yourself….in us.  We are here with the crisp chill of autumn around us, pondering what went wrong, why the bright future of the spring and summer ended in a single autumn night.


This relationship that started on rocky ground is over.  I gave you my love, my life and all I believed in, but you, all you gave me heartbreak when all was said and done.   I believed in you, but it wasn’t enough.  You didn’t believe in yourself…in us.


Dispiritedly Yours,


~Jenney (and all the true members of Red Sox Nation)


PS: I need the cold New England winter to forget about what you’ve done to me, but when the snow starts to thaw, call me.  I think by then my heart could be healed enough to possibly see you again.  xoxo



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