NKOTBSB at Fenway! Part 2…singin’ in the rain!

So after eating dinner at b.good on Mass Ave, the crew and I headed back to Fenway Park!  Gates had been open for about half an hour by the time we got back, but the concert wasn’t slated to start for another hour or so.  We all hung out at the top of Section 18  {the section right behind home plate} See how cute we all are….


















The weather forecast  for the Boston area on June 11, 2011 was for “scattered showers.”   Well, as we had all been wandering the streets of Boston all afternoon, the umbrellas went up and came down, back up then back down, but nothing to write home about, just a little periodic rain.  If this is what was in store for us, we’d be just fine.

My date for the show was the lovely Krystle!  {she was a last min addition because my original date bailed on me.}Thanks for being a GREAT replacement, K!!!!  🙂

There was a tweet sent out for all audience members to be seated by 7:00pm.  I didn’t personally see this tweet, but there was a buzz about it going throughout Fenway.  So just after 6:30pm, the crew broke off and went our separate ways to our seats.  Krystle and I got to our seats only to discover we had an obstructed view of the stage.  Booooooo!  BUT….if you recall from Part 1…..have tiara, will travel!  PRINCESS PRIVILEGES to the rescue!  {ok, some really nice lady hired by the event coördinator to help people with our predicament.} Krystle and I got “upgraded seats” to right behind home plate! {Dear Theo, can these tix work for Sox games too? No? Just wondering.}


While standing behind Section 18, the girls and I saw Theo Epstein walking by with his wife to their seats.  {one can only presume a luxury box.}  So I said, “Yaaaaaaay Theo!” and he smiled and waved at us. Then I said, “Yaaay Mrs. Theo!” to which she giggled and waved to us.

OK, back to the story….

Joey McIntyre introduced a children’s choir who sang a few songs.  He got emotional when he introduced them because when he was a child, he and his sister Carol were part of this group.  Jordan Sparks was the official opening act and did a lovely job.  Then there was about 20 mins while we all waited for NKOTBSB to take the stage. Mayor Menino came on stage and talked about how much NKOTB have done for Boston over the decades and thanked them and BSB for their dedication to music in the schools.  The mayor’s mic kept cutting out, so we didn’t get all of what he was saying, but the gist of it was YAY NEW KIDS!  Then the crowd went NUTS as Donnie Wahlberg’s younger brother MAHKEY MAHK took the stage to say a few words!  Gist of his speech; My brother is my hero and without him I would probably still be in jail.

Over the PA system the “Starting Line Up” was then announced and from the Red Sox dugout all 9 members of NKOTBSB came running out and lined up on the first base line decked out in Red Sox jerseys! About 15-20 feet from where Krystle and I were standing!  🙂  Here they are in the Sox jerseys on stage…


The photo below is where we were for the concert.  You can see Mark Wahlberg on the screen to the right of the NKOTBSB banner.  {you can also see the poor security guard who has seen me at Red Sox games, but didn’t know what the hell to make of me at the concert.}

The show was now underway!  Both bands performed together then NKOTB left and  Backstreet Boys delighted the crowd.  Up till this point, there was no rain at Fenway.  THEN one of the nit-wit Backstreet Boys…I don’t know which one….noted the lack of rain and said how “lucky” we all were.  BSB left the stage and New Kids took the stage…so did the rain!  Now this was not a little bit of rain that came down for the next 2 hours, this was the ‘where-is-Noah-and-his-boat’ type of rain!  SOAKED to the core within 15 minutes!


I’m pretty sure that after realizing NOBODY was taking cover, the New Kids and Backstreet Boys just accepted the rain like the rest of us and made the best of the situation.  Throughout the remainder of the concert, particularly at the end, various members of each band took a running start and launched himself down the newly formed slip and slide.  As you can see from the photo below, taken by my friend Shelley before the concert, the stage was shaped perfectly for a slip and slide!

Joey McIntyre at one point said in his adorable mock-Boston accent, “Oh my gawd! I caught pneumonia at the New Kids concert at Fenway Pahk…and I don’t give a sh*t!” He then went on to say in the same mock-accent, “And I don’t care!  I missed a week of work, and I don’t care!  Are we gonna let the rain stop us? HELL NO!”  and the show went on!  Joey even decided to dance on home plate {right in front of us} and I yelled, “I LOVE YOU JOEY MAC!” at the top of my lungs!  Turns out there was a reason I was a good cheerleader back in the day…I’m loud!  He turned to me in the middle of singing, “Tonight” and pointed at me!  EEEEEEEKKK!!!!  {the girls around me patted me on the shoulder and cheered for me}  *takes a bow*

The concert was amazingly fun!  Brought us all back to our preteen/teen days when life was much simpler!  Yes, daughter of mine, life IS simple right now!  Trust yo mama!  😉

Here are 2 photos of Joey singing, “Please Don’t Go Girl” which nearly had me in tears!  Thank you to Krystle for these photos!











Both bands performed fan favorites and were very interactive with the crowd.  There were quite a few costume changes as well as quite a few lack of costume moments.   For the last number the boys of NKOTB took to the top of the Monstah in Celtics jerseys.  {The boys of BSB came out in Miami Heat jerseys…really???}  Here are all the NKOTBSB atop the Monstah in the pouring rain.

Overall this was such a blast from the past, fun-filled night!!!  Thank you NKOTBSB for putting on an amazing show!!! I ❤ NKOTB 4-EVAH!!!!  😉


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