NKOTBSB at Fenway Park! Part 1…pre-concert.

I was a HUGE New Kids On The Block fan back in my preteen and early teenage days!  Convinced I was going to be the future Mrs. McIntyre, I used to practice signing my name JENNIFER KATHERINE MARGARET McINTYRE!  {back off, I was 12!} 😛

Fast forward to 2011 and New Kids On The Block announced they were going to be performing at my beloved Fenway Park with the Backstreet Boys.  As noted in my previous blog post, I met Jordan and Danny the week before the Fenway concert, so now I had my sites set to meet Donnie, Jon and my old heart-throb Joey!

THE PLAN: Get to Fenway early, find the tour buses and possibly meet one or more of the Kids and/or Boys.  {apparently the BSB had been tweeting their locations at previous shows and telling fans where to meet them, so this was ‘stalking with an invite’ as it were.}

I was the first of the group to arrive at the Park, at about 1:00pm, and being the diehard Red Sox fan that I am, my natural instinct is to go to the Red Sox Nation entrance at Gate C.  I walked up to the security guy and jokingly asked if Red Sox Nation members could get in early this way.  He smiled and said no.  I asked if I could go in real quick to get a look at the field and stage, and again  no…with a smile.  Not one to be deterred…and having a lot of time on my hands….I stayed at the entrance chatting with 2 of the security guys.  One guy, Ed, was telling me about the concert at The Gahden the week before and said even though he wasn’t an NKOTBSB fan, he had enjoyed the show.  I stayed there for about half an hour chatting with the security guys and waiting for my  five friends to show up.

Donnie Wahlberg and Danny Wood walked from the field of Fenway to the stairs that lead to the Green Monstah right by the entrance I was standing at.  “Donnie, can I get a quick picture with you?” I asked.  “Let me go up here and do this, but stay right there and when I come back, I’ll get you.” Donnie replied.  “Ok, thank you! Hi Danny!”  I said with a HUGE smile as Danny and Donnie were walking up the stairs.  I also told Donnie that I had tweeted him earlier in the day.  He asked if he had replied to me, I said no, and he gave an adorable sad face and said sorry before walking out of sight.  Now as all this was going on, the security team was placing barriers up to keep the crowd at bay. { My sassy lil self could stay where I was because I had established the fact I wasn’t a crazy fan. We’ll call this my “Princess Privileges.”}  I turned to Ed and said, “He’s not coming back is he?”  Ed laughed and said, “Probably not.” but let me stay where I was.

Well about 10 minutes later we heard screaming and shouts of ‘I LOVE YOU DONNIE’ mixed with ‘I LOVE YOU DANNY!’  Guess who was coming back down the stairs?  OK, so they HAD to walk back this way. There was literally no other way to get back to where they needed to be.  What were the odds Donnie was going to remember telling me to stay right there?  As it turns out…VERY GOOD!!!!

He came over to me and gave me a HUGE hug and kissed my cheek!  {I accidentally kissed his neck….for the record, he has REALLY soft skin!} Then we took this photo…

“Thank you SO MUCH! I am so excited to see the concert tonight! Good Luck!” I said to him and then he was off.  While this was all going on, Danny was standing about 15 feet away chatting with one of the road crew guys.  I tried to get his attention, but  my “Princess Privileges” had apparently expired and I had to go on the other side of the crowd barrier.  Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!

About 10 minutes later my girls started showing up.  Once we were all assembled, we all walked around the Park and found the tour buses.  One of the BSB, Brian Littrell, tweeted that his wife, Leighanne,  would be in the parking lot behind Boston Beer Works, promoting her handbag and clothing  line in her custom trailer, and he might be there to meet fans. So the six of us headed down there to potentially meet Brian.  Now as an NKOTB fan, I could appreciate the “OMG What if he IS there?” comments my BSB fan friends were making.  I laughed because if we were heading down to potentially meet up with Joey, I’d be beside myself.    Turns out the Brian wasn’t there, but Leighanne was a doll and their 8-year-old son was quite the little showman as he promoted his momma’s handbag and clothing line.  You can go to wyleebags.com for more details about the line.  Keep up the great work, Leighanne!  🙂

We walked back to Yawkey Way and stopped in the t-shirt shop which was now only selling NKOTBSB merchandise.  Five out of six of us got t-shirts of the band we grew up with.  Here are 3 NKOTB with 2 BSB fan girls!  AKA, some of the BEST ladies I know!  {not just because of their NKOTBSB fandom!  😉 }

After the shirts were purchased, we headed over to Tequila Rain because we heard there were I ❤ NKOTB signs there and other free goodies.  I went in and scored 6 “I ❤ NKOTB/BSB” wristbands and a few “I ❤ NKOTB” signs from KISS 108.  {they didn’t have any “I ❤ BSB” signs for some reason.  :-/}  Here I am at b.good, where we went for an early dinner, with my “I ❤ NKOTB” sign and new NKOTB t-shirt.  I’ve entitled this photo “FAN GIRL.”



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