My Baseball Garden Is Growing

I have been to 10 Red Sox games so far this 2011 season, and each one has been an absolute blast!  My girls and I have a routine which is: meet at Gate C, watch BP {batting practice} on the Green Monstah, watch the pitcher and catcher du jour warm up at the bullpen, then go to our respective seats.

SIDE NOTE: Any member of Red Sox Nation 2011 can watch BP atop the Monstah when you have tickets to the game.  {You can also have one guest go with you.}  Not a member of RSN 2011? Click the link and you can sign up today!  {you will also see a photo of my friend, Danielle and I next to the RED SOX NATION IS…}

Part of the fun of watching BP is trying to either catch a ball or have a player toss one up to you.  Of the 10 games I have gone to, I’ve been to  BP 8 times.  Of my 8 BP trips, I have had players throw a ball up to me 6 times.  {Now of those 6 balls, I kept 5 and gave 1 to a new friend.}  🙂

Here I am with a ball on Opening Day from John Lackey and a ball I received on May 2nd from Matt Albers.

I knew May 3rd was going to be  a “FanFoto Day” which means after BP, you get to meet a player and have your photo taken with them courtesy of the Red Sox.  A member of the  Red Sox staff then give you a business card with a promo code and you can go to click the “fanfoto” and get your FREE photo with the player.  The player for May 3rd was to be Darnell McDonald.  This was cool…I like D-Mac…so rather than going all the way up to the top of the Monstah where it is notably windy, I decided to watch BP at the bleachers in front of Sect 35. {the corner where they cover up for day games.}

Well, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but Darnell McDonald and 8 tiny reindeer!  {ok, it was D-Mac and Marco Scutaro…but that didn’t rhyme as well as 8 tiny….never mind….back to the story…. }

So, D-Mac is right below me shagging balls during BP chatting with Marco Scutaro and later to Mike Cameron.  {see photo below which denotes the location of D-Mac, Scoots and myself.}

A ball came flying over D-Mac’s head and landed right below me.  “Darnell, may I please have that ball?” I asked. *tosses ball to me* “Thank you, Darnell.”  He walked back to his spot, which at this point was abandoned by Scoots and yet to be occupied by Cam.  D-Mac was all over the place shagging balls until Mike Cameron came over to chat with him.  Another ball landed right below me…D-Mac looks up as he went to retrieve the ball and said something to me which I didn’t hear.  {along with being partially deaf, the music at Fenway is wicked loud.  Not to mention the fact he was about 15 feet below me.}  “I’m sorry, I  didn’t hear you, what was that?” I said to the Gold Glove Center Fielder.  “I like your hair, it is very pretty!” He yelled up to me.  *head spins…HUH???*  “Thank you.” I replied with a huge smile!  “Is that your natural color?” He asked.  *HOLY COW!  Darnell McDonald is interested in my hair!* “Yes, it is.” I said down to him.  “I really love that color.  Your hair is beautiful!”  He said to me.  “Thank you so much.  I’m Irish, hence the red.”  I said still smiling!  “Irish, huh?  Very nice.”  He winked and walked away.

My friend, Aislinn, was up on the Monstah while all of this was going on, but I couldn’t yell up to her, so I did the next best thing and sent her a text!  We were texting back and forth as D-Mac was now chatting with Cam.  D-Mac would talk and Cam {not subtly} would turn around and look at me…every now and then smiling.  I would LOVE to know what on Earth they were saying.  {Guess I’ll never know}

D-Mac came back to shag another ball below me and I asked him if he could throw it up to Aislinn and her roommate.  {One of her texts said something to the effect of, “Work your magic and get my roommate a ball.” }  So he obliged and the roommate got a souvenir ball from D-Mac.

After BP, I met up with the girls and we went over to where the FanFoto was taking place to get out photo with Darnell…AKA my new BFF!  LOL  When it was my turn for the photo, I thanked him for the ball.  {there wasn’t time to chat further because there was a line and a time limit.}  Here is a proof of the photo…when the real one comes, I’ll post it in a blog also.

Thanks to Darnell, my baseball garden is growing.  I have 1 ball from John Lackey, 2 balls from Alfredo Aceves, 1 Ball from Matt Albers and my most recent from the player who loves my hair, Darnell McDonald.  Right now they are at work in a plant water catcher, but I am thinking of getting a basket for them and putting Easter grass or confetti in it.  Here is a pic of my “Baseball Garden.”

It should also be noted that my hair, although I am 100% Irish, is not naturally this color.  What? When am I ever going to run into D-Mac again?  He’ll never know.

I do have natural auburn and blond highlights in my brown hair {along with gray}, but the best colorist in Massachusetts, Floris at Salon Excellence on River St in Waltham, is the magician who makes my hair look amazing!  {once a month I visit the lovely Floris and her friendly staff for “routine maintenance.”}  If you are looking to get your hair done, I HIGHLY recommend going to see Floris and the girls at Salon Excellence!


2 Responses to “My Baseball Garden Is Growing”

  1. Barb Fostyck Says:

    What kind I say I love it!

  2. Jeff Docherty Says:

    Awesome post! I someday hope to get to attend BP at Fenway and maybe start a baseball garden of my own! Would LOVE to meet Big Papi. He’s my favorite Red Sox player!

    Go #RedSox!


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