Wear your heart on your sleeve 4/25/2011

“Wearing your heart on your sleeve” is something I have mastered over the years, but today I literally drew a heart on my wrist!  {ok, to be honest…I drew 2 hearts.}

Why would a 34-year-old, professional woman draw hearts on her wrist on a Monday morning, you ask?  April 25th 2011 is a day dedicated to people who are battling depression and suicide. So again, you may be thinking, oh that’s nice, but WHY is Jenney drawing hearts on her wrists, she is always so happy!  Well, yes…I am NOW!

Hi, I’m Jenney and I battled depression for over 5 years!  In the spring of 2001 I lost my house, my husband, and my dog all within a week.  {We gave my dog back to the shelter we had rescued her from…broke my heart.}  I had a 3-year-old daughter and had to move back  into my parents house. All of this the week before my 24th birthday.

Slowly and steadily I became more withdrawn; calling out from work, going to bed right after dinner, staying in my room most of the day and eventually just not getting out of bed at all.  I was in bed for 3 weeks that spring and if it weren’t for my mother, I may have died.  Finally my mother persuaded me to go see a doctor and I was diagnosed with “Manic Depressive Disorder Triggered By A Traumatic Event.”

Wait!  WHAT? “Manic Depressive?” Like as in “Bi-Polar?”  YES! It is the civilian equivalent to PTSD in the military.

I had friends tell me I “didn’t look depressed.”  WHAT pray-tell does depressed look like?  Below is a photo of my daughter and I on a carousel in the early days of my depression.  Did I “look depressed?”  Not at all!  There is no “look” to depression!

Through medication, counseling, and supportive friends, I have managed to come out on the other side of depression and love my life!  It turns out most of my family suffers from depression, but I was the first to get help for it.  Depression is not something you can control suffering from, but is something you need to get help for!  Having a bad day and feeling “depressed” is one thing, actual depression is a feeling that consumes your entire body and soul.   If you suffer from depression or suicidal thoughts PLEASE get help!  Go see a doctor, counselor, or any other professional as soon as you can.

April 25th 2011 is a day dedicated to people who are battling depression and suicide. I’m asking everyone who reads this to draw a heart on their wrist and “wear your heart on your sleeve” to support those going through depression and suicidal thoughts. 


6 Responses to “Wear your heart on your sleeve 4/25/2011”

  1. Barb Fostyck Says:

    My husband went through depression last year. It got so bad I finally said you need to go talk to someone. I was going crazy I didn’t know what to do for him. But I knew he needed help. He slept all the time. Wouldn’t leave the house. He talked about the samething over and over.
    He would fight in his sleep at night. It was really bad.

    Finally went and saw a doctor after trying a few medicins they finally found the right one. He still thinks about whant set him off with the depression but is much better and a lot easier to live with.

  2. irishredsox77 Says:

    I’m glad he got help, Barb! It’s hard to admit there is a “problem” with yourself because all of us are PERFECT, right? Help is out there and sometimes it takes support from friends and family to make the first step to seek help. If you and your husband work as a team, you will do just fine. 🙂

  3. Barb Fostyck Says:

    It was a long time coming I know that. But after being married for 28 years I couldn’t just walk away. I had to fine Joe some help…

    I’m glad that you are better. 🙂

  4. SMD Says:

    I am 34 years old and have been battling depression since the age of 15. It is a daily battle, but one I will fight! I’ve lost two babies in recent years and despite it not really showing on my face…the agony is there. My husband and my 7 year old help me get through each day.

    Day-by-day even Hour-by-hour…whatever gets you through that day.

    I drew my heart on my wrist. ❤

    Thanks for this 🙂

  5. paulrharvey3 Says:

    A) Holy cow you look young in that photo; I would have thought High School.

    B) There’s a verse in one of my favorite songs: “You see the smile that’s on my mouth/It’s hiding the words that don’t come out/And all of my friends who think that I’m blessed/They don’t know my head is a mess” and it’s so true. The funniest, friendliest person you know can be the most tormented.

    Thank you for sharing this reminder that the seemingly most together people might just not be. I hope everyone who read this asks one friend how they’re doing – and listens to the answer.

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