Planning the 100th Anniversary of Fenway Park

Larry Lucchino reminisced about a meeting that took place a while back, where he and other Red Sox personnel were not sure if they should plan a big 100 year celebration for Fenway Park because it might be viewed as too self glorifying.  After 10 minutes of discussion, the group decided that the best fans in baseball would definitely appreciate the 100 year celebration.  No other ballpark has ever stood the test of time to make it to 100 years, so why not celebrate, Larry concluded.   Honestly Larry, I could not agree more!

On the 99th anniversary of Fenway Park, the Red Sox organization held a special meeting of season ticket holders, members of Red Sox Nation, Fenway icons, and others to help plan for the 100th Anniversary.  They want to get ideas from the Red Sox faithful to help enhance the 100th year.  When I was asked  to take part in this, my first question was, “Can I bring my 13-year-old daughter with me?”   I explained how she can never go to a ballgame because of her deadly peanut allergy, and they assured me there would be no peanuts or any food in the EMC Club where the meeting was to take place.

The meeting began with Sam Kennedy speaking then turning the mic over to Larry Lucchino.  Larry was very excited to tell us about some of the preliminary plans for the 100th Anniversary season.  He was VERY excited about the new 100 YEARS logo as well as the new website.

The Red Sox organization  set up a new website for fans to get an in-depth prospective of America’s Most Beloved Ballpark.  As Larry told us, it will take a few visits to the site to see everything, but it is a beautiful historic look at our beloved ballpark.  Have you got an idea for the 100th Anniversary Year of Fenway Park?  Click on the “Where everybody knows your name” tab then on the left click on “Send us your stories and ideas.”  The Red Sox want to hear what everyone has to say and get advice from real people like us!


“The Boston Red Sox have created a special opportunity for fans to literally put their mark on the historic ballpark.  The Fenway Park 100th Anniversary Brick Program will give fans a chance to have a brick with a personalized message placed in the Fenway Park concourse area inside Gates B & C.”  The first commemorative bricks were handed out today at the meeting to some very deserving people.  Bill Hogan, who was born 6 days before Fenway Park opened to the public, was the first recipient of a commemorative brick.  Bill and his grandson accepted the brick and thanked the Red Sox for all the memories.  Arthur D’Angelo who has been to the past 65 home openers at Fenway also received a commemorative brick.  Season ticket holders Marion Redonnet, Jordan and Barbara Birger, along with Gary and Lynne “Fenway Park Hat Lady” Smith, received commemorative bricks. The final two commemorative bricks went to two gentlemen who the Red Sox admire for different reasons.  Victor Murphy an 18-year-old Dorcester resident and Fenway High student,  is part of the  2011 Red Sox Scholar class and recipient of the Posse scholarship to Union College.  Finally “Regular” Rob Crawford who is the Vice President of Red Sox Nation received his commemorative brick.

Larry then asked people for thoughts and ideas of how the Red Sox can make the 100th Anniversary Year special for all the fans.  A number of great ideas were heard and I suggested the Red Sox have players reach out further than Boston to meet fans.  Although it has been wonderful being in Boston and meeting so many players, what about the people in say Webster? Or New Hampshire? Maine or Vermont?  North Adams or Yarmouth? Why not send players out to those places to meet fans who are unable to make it into Boston.  Larry, Sam and other members of the Red Sox staff thanked me for the idea and said they would look into it.  Hall of Famer, Jim Rice suggested a “ladies night” at Fenway Park where all the ladies got dressed up and wore dresses and heels to the park.  Gotta say…I’m liking this idea, Jim!  Any excuse to get dolled up works for me!  After a few more suggestions, the meeting wrapped up.

I took my daughter to the window of the EMC Club where she saw Fenway Park for the second time in her life. She was in awe and looked like a little kid at a candy store window.  Once the crowd had diminished a bit, I took her to meet Larry Lucchino and Jim Rice.  We met Jim first and chatted with him for a good 10 to 15 minutes.  Can I just tell you what a charming man he is???  First when I asked if I could have my daughter take a picture with him, he said, “Your daughter? No way!”  Oh Jim…you know how to make a gal smile!  I told him I loved the idea of Ladies Night and the heels I was wearing today I bought specifically because I love my Red Sox!  {5″ red stilettos}  He liked the heels too.

We then met Larry Lucchino.  My daughter had a suggestion for him which was; Opening Day 2012 should be peanut-free so children and adults with deadly peanut allergies, like hers, could enjoy Opening Day like everyone else.  She explained how the day before Opening Day was always the last time she could go near Fenway because all the peanut residue on the sidewalks and streets surrounding the ballpark have been washed away by the snow and rain in the off-season.  She  told Mr. Lucchino what a diehard Red Sox  fan she is, but due to her allergy she can never go to a game.  The wonderful Larry Lucchino then said to her “Wait right there.”  {so we did}  Larry introduced us to Jon who was in charge of the PEANUT FREE BOX at Fenway!!!  The WHAT???  Larry Lucchino made my dreams come true!!!  Taking my daughter to Fenway Park has been a dream of mine {and hers} for over 13 years!!!

The 100th Year Anniversary celebrations look to be amazing and Larry Lucchino literally made my dreams come true!


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