Preseason Fun With the Red Sox

A couple of weeks ago I was on twitter yammering on and on about the Red Sox and my dreams for the upcoming season as I have done for the past 2 years.  When I received a private message from the official Red Sox twitter page, I nearly fell off my chair! “Hi! We’re looking for fan stories for RS Prod – if you’re interested, can you send your contact info to  <email address provided>.”   Wait, what??? The Red Sox want ME to tell a fan story? Well, of course I emailed the address provided and was told that they liked my term, “Diamond Dolls” and wanted to know more about us Dolls.

DIAMOND DOLL: A sassy die-hard baseball fan who knows her baseball facts and stats but enjoys her mani/pedi and getting all dolled up. {The opposite of a “pink hat.”}

So, I emailed my Diamond Doll friends, got them in contact with the Red Sox. We all sent in photos as well as our personal stories of Red Sox moments we have all shared. We were all asked to do an on camera interview for the “Fan Stories” which will be shown at Fenway Park during the 3rd inning of Red Sox games. {When it came time to do the interview however, only Aislinn and I were available {or willing} to do it.} So on Tuesday afternoon, April 1st, Aislinn and I met at Gate D with Abbey from the Red Sox Productions and off we went into Fenway Park.

It has been a long cold winter in Boston, so walking into Fenway for the first time this year was a very special moment! I felt like my heart was home, it was such a great feeling!

Abbey brought us over to the left field grandstand seats where we met the cameraman, Tim. Tim and Abbey helped Aislinn and I get the microphones on and made us feel comfortable about everything. We told her about meeting players, going to the Picnic in the Park, hanging out before the game on The Monstah, who our favorite player(s) are and how we had all met among other stories. Honestly, it was fun and Abbey made it seem like we were just talking to her, not like we were being interviewed, which helped tremendously! {Thanks Abbey}

After the interview, we were both asked if we would like to take part in the dress rehearsals for Opening Day. {I had mentioned that my daughter and I had done it the year before when we were interviewed.} Without hesitation, we both said YES! Later that night we both received an email from Nina of the Red Sox, telling us there were going to be rehearsals on Wednesday evening and Thursday afternoon. Due to both of our schedules, Aislinn and I couldn’t take part in this together, but we each got to take a day and enjoy it all the same.

So Wednesday after work, I trekked down to Fenway where I was greeted by Fenway Ambassador, Evan. He was wonderfully chatty as he escorted me to my seat where I awaited further instruction from the other Fenway Ambassadors who were running the event. There were about 50 volunteers, including myself awaiting our fates. The Ambassadors handed each of us a piece of paper with a player, manager or coach’s name on it, along with a strip of clear duct tape to affix the name on the front of our shirts. We were now to represent a Red Sox or Yankees player, manager, coach or other supporting staff member. I was originally given a Yankees coach, Rob Tomson, to represent, but my sassy flirting landed me a Red Sox player when all was said and done! Last year I was Tito, this year…YOOOOOOOUUUK!

The Ambassadors took us to our respective dugouts to place us in order of when the player, coach, etc would be announced during the Opening Day ceremony at Fenway. While we all waited in the dugout for the ceremony to begin, we got to chatting and making predictions about this year’s team. It’s always nice to meet new people who share my passion. {Even though it’s a slow start to the season, the Red Sox will be fine! RELAX!}

As the ceremony got underway, we, Red Sox, all took the field together, as opposed to the Yankees who all got called one by one from their dugout. We, Red Sox, were lined up on the first base line. Then, starting with the supporting staff, we all were announced and appeared on the jumbotron in center field. “KEVIN YOUKILIS” was called, so I smiled and waved to the camera. It was so much fun!

After the player intros, there was a moment of silence for Lou Gorman who passed away on April 1st, followed by “Taps” and “Anchors Aweigh” in Lou’s honor. “The National Anthem” was then performed {from a recording} and the flyover which would take place from the Green Mountain Boys was announced, followed by the ceremonial first pitch being thrown out.

Now there is quite a bit of hype over who will throw out the first pitch every year, so “inside information” is always helpful! OF COURSE the Red Sox organization is well aware that: A) they are doing this over the loud speakers in a park without a dome/roof. B) almost everyone in the universe is on some form of social media. C) NOBODY can keep a secret. D) they would need to have us sign a “confidentiality agreement.” So we were told KERMIT THE FROG would be throwing out the first pitch! {To be honest…when I first heard them say that, I was excited…a little let down when I found out it was just a code name.}

After we ran through the ceremony three times, the Red Sox crew was satisfied with the camera angles and such. The remaining volunteers were then treated to dinner at the concourse behind home plate! Free dinner courtesy of the Red Sox, how nice! I had 2 clam chowdahs, a Fenway Frank and water. {I gave up soda for Lent} I was chatting with the guys, who were next to me during the ceremony, about the upcoming season and all the renovations which have been done over the past 10 years. The guys worked for Fenway and said they have loved seeing the improvements and how great it is to work there!

So between being interviewed and helping with the Opening Day ceremony, I had a wonderfully fun beginning of April. The Sox are off to a slow start, but fear not, our boys will get it in gear and we will be back in the WS before you know it! Remember Red Sox Nation: ‘04+’07=’11 GO SOX!!!

Turns out YAZ threw out the first pitch on Opening Day 2011! I was there, but that’s a different blog for a different day! {Actually…I went to the first 5 games, game 6 was rained out. Might get tix for game 7 and have tix for 8&9} I quit smoking on February 16th after 22 years and Red Sox tickets are my reward to myself. 🙂


One Response to “Preseason Fun With the Red Sox”

  1. Barb Fostyck Says:

    This is a great story. Only I could dream of something like this happening to me. Your one lucky lady Jen I hope you have a diary and a scrap book for all your lovely pictures. I’m so glad to say I know you Jen.

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