100 Facts About Jenney!

This all started on Twitter.  The hashtag #100FactsAboutMe was a “trending topic” on twitter, so I figured I would try to come up with 100 fun facts about myself.  After reading through them I realized, this is kinda like a hand guide for potential relationships.   You have to read, “100 things you should know about Jenney before dating her” and then you can proceed to step 2…dinner and a movie.  😉


So, without further adieu;

100 facts about me!


100) St. Patrick’s Day is my favorite holiday.

99) I love country music!

98) My favorite musical group is Celtic Woman!

97) My daughter was born in ’97, so # 97 has to be dedicated to her.

96) I am 5′ 5- ¼ ” tall.  {The ¼ inch makes a difference while my daughter is still growing}

95) Graduated Holliston High School in 1995, so # 95 of course has to be dedicated to that.

94) I think mac ‘n’ cheese is the best food in the world! {Second place goes to Fenway Franks!)

93) Thanks to Stephenie Meyer, I now know it is ok to fall in love with a vampire and a werewolf at the same time. J


92) I love to make other people happy. J

91) My favorite color is pink!

90) I was a D.J. for 5 years.


89) I believe my “Prince Charming” is out there.

88) I love getting together with old friends.

87) I love meeting new people.

86) I am a hopeless romantic! J

85) I am a member of the B.P.O.E. Elks lodge #1425 in Natick, Ma.

84) I am an optimist. J

83) I am a HUGE flirt! {In case you some how missed that}

82) I LOVE standup comedy!

81) I can speak a little Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian and American Sign Language.

80) “I’m slow to trust, but quick to love.” ~Sugarland “Take Me As I Am”


79) I have 1 tattoo {for now} and 7 piercings. {5 of them in my ears}

78) My best feature is my eyes. {2nd best is my legs}

77) I was born in 1977, so # 77 is dedicated to the BEST year evah!!!

76) I had a premonition in my early 20’s that 32 and 34 would be good years for me.

75) I am 100% Irish!!! {and damn proud of it}

74) I grew up in Holliston, Ma.

73) I was so tired of dating idiots and a-holes that I gave up on dating for a long while!

72) If I was drinking & doing these, they’d most likely be more interesting to the lot of you.

71) I LOVE Boston sports!

70) I have LOTS of siblings and talk to none of them. {1 brother, 1 half brother, 2 step sisters, 4 step brothers}


69) Now you KNOW where this one is going! One of my FAVORITE numbers because it makes everyone happy/satisfied!

68) I have been to a strip club twice in my life and both times got offered a job.

67) I love to sing! {I used to be good at it too…now…not so much}

66) I was a hockey cheerleader in high school and 66 was my player’s number. {YES, there WERE hockey cheerleaders!}

65) I own a teenage girl…nothing you can do/say can scare me!

64) I will only drink Dunkin Donuts coffee! {French Vanilla, Extra Cream and Extra Sugar}

63) I have to watch the local news every morning and evening. {Otherwise I feel lost in the world}

62) I married my first boyfriend when I was 20. {Divorced him at 26}

61) I weighed 210 pounds in 2006. {I mentioned I was 5’5″…so 210 wasn’t healthy at all}

60) I work in Back Bay and fell in LOVE with the area! {Want to live here some day}


59) I am addicted to, “Jersey Shore.”

58) I started using twitter 3/20/2009! {Happy Twitterversary To ME!!!!}

57) I HATE being called Jennifer! It’s Jenney or Jen, but NOT Jennifer!

56) When I am drunk, I love my boobs. {Don’t judge me}

55) Autumn is my favorite season b/c of the crisp air and apple everything!

54) My dream home is 2 blocks from the ocean. Close enough to walk, but far enough from hurricanes.

53) When Kim, A.K.A. @SportsGal1972,and I call each other “SLS” it stands for Sassy Lassy Sister.

52) I enjoy walking and when the weather cooperates, I walk a LOT!

51) I got into the band Dropkick Murphys because of the Red Sox. {Now they’re one of my fave bands.}

50) Damn…half way done. What else can I come up with??? Hhhhhhhmmm….


49) When I was a kid, my nickname was “Moose” because it was my favorite animal. { I wore a big ole moose hat}

48) I prefer gold jewelry to silver.

47) I had stage 1 cancer twice. {2003 and 2006}

46) I have read all 7 Harry Potter books. {and “Tales of Beedle the Bard”}

45) I have read all 4 Twilight books.

44) I gave up soda for Lent this year. {so far, so good}

43) I could never be a vegetarian or vegan because I love meat too much. {Same reason I could never be a full lesbian}

42) I don’t eat pig meat…ham, pork, etc. {although once in a VERY blue moon, I will eat bacon…but only if I cook it}

41) You either like me or you don’t and I don’t care! {Used to care when I was younger}

40) My two favorite movies of all time are, “Wizard of Oz” and “Gone with the Wind.” {1939 was a good year for movies}


39) I don’t drink beer or wine. {Ever} I drink Smirnoff Ice {original} or mixed drinks.

38) I never did a shot till I met Kim, A.K.A. @Sportsgal1972 {now, I do them almost every time I drink}

37) If I could go on vacation anywhere in the world…I’d go to Ireland!

36) I was raised Irish Catholic, but now also follow Paganism. I’m “Patholic” now. {or “Cagan”}

35)  I was born and raised in New England. {I couldn’t live without my N.E. weather and seasons}

34) I turned 34 on March 4th this year! {Get it, the date was ¾ !?!?!}

33) TEKGASM! Favorite player on the Red Sox is Jason Varitek! {Oh the things I could do to that boy…see fun fact 69}

32) I have had arthritis in my hands since I was 16.

31) I have dyed my hair ever natural hair color over the course of my life. {Went green by accident one time too}

30) I started going gray when I was 16. {Hence the fun fact # 31}


29) Saying the word “squirrel” to me will make me giggle every time. {Don’t know why}


28) I had clam chowdah for the first time in June of 2009.

27) I was recently told that my bedroom looks like a scene from “Fever Pitch.” {I took that as a huge compliment!}

26) I always feel pretty/girlie after a good mani/pedi!

25) I love my job, but would give anything to work for the Red Sox or NESN!

23) I am hypoglycemic and suffer from vertigo. {for me, the two often go hand-in-hand}

24) I went from fun fact 25 to 23…did ya notice? Yeah, neither did I at first.

22) My first concert was NKOTB when I was 12 in 1989. {Will be seeing them this summer at 34}

21) The last serious relationship I was in ended {by me} in November of 2008.

20) My first job was at CVS. {Started the same day as my friend, Kelly} {Worked there with my BFF, Cidhinnia, also}


19) I played softball and soccer as a kid.

18) I learned how to ice skate when I was 11 months old.

17) I have never skied.

16) I won an award in Canada for singing in 1995.

15) I once sang the National Anthem in public. {My HS graduation}

14) I sleep with my teddy bear named Joey. {Got him when I was 12…named after Joey McIntyre of NKOTB}

13) I played Mrs. Claus for the Natick Elks in 2005 and 2006.

12) My favorite flowers are lilacs. {Roses are a close 2nd}

11) To me “sexy pajamas” are yoga pants and Red Sox t-shirts. {There is nothing sexier than comfort!}

10) I have been writing a book for the past 3 years. {On and off…mostly off}

9) My favorite sandwich is Lebanon bologna, sharp cheddar, lettuce and yellow mustard on white bread.

8 ) My grandfather was a Boston cop in the late 50’s early 60’s. He was the bullpen cop for the Red Sox during this time.

7) The first woman hanged in Massachusetts was related to me; Margaret Jones. {So, yes..I AM a witch!}

6) I smoked for 22 years and quit cold turkey February 16, 2011! YAY ME!!!

5) I want to get a dozen roses from www.store.baseballrose.com {White roses}

4) I have made great, real life friendships through twitter!

3) I have had the same BFF, Cidhinnia, since 4th grade! {This Sept. will be 25 years}

2) I am a diehard RED SOX fan! {Yes, I will try to watch all 162+ games this season!}

1) I never knew the meaning of “True Love” until I had my daughter. She is the best thing to ever happen to me!


2 Responses to “100 Facts About Jenney!”

  1. paulrharvey3 Says:

    Thanks for putting them all in one handy dandy list. I missed a few (OK, a lot) jumping in & out during the postings. I think I’ll have to do one now…

  2. Mark Ellingson Says:

    Hi Jenney,
    My name is Mark Ellingson, the creator of the Baseball Rose. I’m glad to see the Baseball Rose made it to your top 5 🙂 I’ll be coming to Boston in June to see Fenway Park for the first time…and also see my Padres take on the Red Sox. I could definitely help make your wish #5 come true if someone else doesn’t do it before then.

    Mark Ellingson

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