My stepfather….R.I.P. Tony

I can not believe it has been 2 years since my beloved stepfather, Tony, passed away.  Growing up my brother, Bill,  and I didn’t have a positive male in our life…dad was an alcoholic.  When Tony came into our lives we had someone we could admire on many levels.

Mum and Tony met teaching in Boston.  Both were divorced with children;  Tony’s three kids were already adults when they met, but Bill and I were very young.  {I was 8 and Bill was 5}  They dated for many years before they got married when I was 16 and Bill was 13.

Singing was a big thing in my house growing up.  We would sing whatever song popped into our head, show tunes or make songs up.  I remember summer nights together singing 4 part harmony on the porch to the oldies station.  Tony, mum and I were also in our church choir.

What my mum and Tony had for a relationship is what everyone strives for. Best friends till the end.  Their admiration for one another was the most beautiful friendship any two people could have.  They each brought out the best in the other and never fought.  They always joked that they were having a good run at life.  Their tombstone now reads:


“We Had A Good Run”  {with their wedding photo in porcelain}


R.I.P. Tony you will always be missed.  I know I’ll see you and Bruno again some day.  xoxo

This photo is from my step-sister’s wedding.  My mum, brother-in-law’s father, Tony, brother-in-law’s mum.


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