My fantasy Red Sox job…

With all the crazy things that happen because of online posts, I figured why not give it a shot, right?  Justin Bieber got discovered because of YouTube, and some kid posted a video asking a millionaire for a million dollars…and he got it!

So, what do I want?  I want to become a Red Sox reporter of sorts.  Here’s my concept…have an average Red Sox fan…me…spend a day with a Red Sox player and then either blog about it, or do a half hour show about the player.  {seriously, how cool would it be to have your own show?} We would see what the player does for charity work, or what their family is like, or what they like to do in their off time.  There are plenty of shows giving player stats, this would be a “behind the scenes” look at our favorite players from the best baseball team in history!  Who wouldn’t want to know about their favorite players?  One player a week will get us through the season and beyond!  😉

What gave me this idea?  I met Curt Schilling in March 2010 and Jon Lester January 2011 and people asked me both times, “Oh my God…what is he like?”  I can tell you Curt has very outgoing and happy.  He was amazingly gracious to take a photo with me while he was leaving an event.  {I happened to catch him as he was heading out.}  Jon Lester was SO SWEET!  He was soft-spoken and very polite.  Definitely a “quiet guy” but very friendly and kind.

I am not some gal who is only into baseball because the players are hot in their baseball pants…which they are!  I know my baseball!  I have been a Red Sox fan for nearly 34 years!  I went to my first baseball game in May 1977…in a baby carrier, so I don’t exactly remember the game, but I do remember going to games with my dad and Pappa when I was a kid.  Hey did you know…my grandfather {Pappa} was the bullpen cop for the Red Sox in the ’50s and ’60s?  Pretty cool, huh?  I have had so many friends over the years ask, “HOW did you know that?” when we’re discussing Red Sox history!

OK, in reality I know this is a fantasy, BUT like I said…Justin Bieber got discovered because of YouTube, and some kid posted a video asking a millionaire for a million dollars…and he got it!  Maybe, just maybe there is a fairy Godmother out there for me, who will read this and say, “Hey, she sounds PERFECT for a show like that!”  One never knows!  😉


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