I just met Jon Lester!

Working in Boston has many perks.  One of the best ones I have discovered is meeting various Red Sox players!

Last March I met Curt and Shonda Schilling when they came to Boston to promote Shonda’s book;

















I met El Tiante at the 2010 All*Star party held at Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar & Grill, where I always  run into Jerry;

















and today I met Jon Lester!  HOLY COW!!!  JOHNNY LESTAH!!!  {Pitcher for the Boston Red Sox for those who are wondering}


I was on my way to get coffee at DD in the Pru Mall when I walked past the new People’s United Bank and saw a larger than normal crowd.  I stopped and looked in and there, head and shoulders above everyone else, was Boston Red Sox pitching ace, Jon Lester!  I walked into the bank and asked one of the girls at the desk if anyone could meet him, or only bank customers?  She said anyone and then some guy…seemingly a public relations rep….took my cell phone I had just fished out of my pocket and said, “Jon would love to meet you! Go over there and I’ll take a picture of you two!”  So I walked over to Jon and said, “Hi I’m Jenney, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”  Jon smiled at me and said, “I’m Jon, it’s a pleasure to meet you too Jenney.”  We posed for the picture and then chatted for a short while.

I wished him luck and told him my girlfriends and I stalk the bullpen before the games, so he would be seeing me again, to which he replied, “Cool, I look forward to seeing you and your girls.”  *SWOONS*  OK, in reality, we all know Jon was just being a nice guy, but in my fantasy world….Jon will see me and my girls in April and say, “Hey Jenney, good to see you again.  I was telling Tek about you and he said he’d love to take you to dinner tomorrow night.” MY BLOG=MY FANTASY!

I know I have the most amazing luck when it come to the Red Sox, but I think it runs in my family.  Here is a pic of my brother, Bill,  with Derek Lowe back in 2009 after D-Lowe pitched against the Sox.  Bill happened to be at the same bar as D-Lowe after the game.  Told me Lowe was a cool guy…although a wee bit intoxicated.


One Response to “I just met Jon Lester!”

  1. paulrharvey3 Says:

    That’s it, as soon as I get a job I’m moving back to Boston.

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