My amazing daughter is at it again…

Am I going to brag about my daughter?  You bet your arse I am!  This *is* my blog after all!  😉

Last year, in 6th grade, Bunny read an article in the local paper asking people to gather supplies for the troops, and send little care packages to them during the holiday season.  Well, she took it a step further and wrote a proposal to her teacher and principal requesting to get the entire middle school involved.  After accepting the proposal, the principal had Bunny give  speeches to the 4 grades explaining what the collecting of supplies was all about.    First off…in 6th grade, I couldn’t give a speech in front of ANYONE let alone 4 different grades!

Bunny, along with a number of teachers, had the classes make boxes for collecting the supplies, and placed them all around the school.  She monitored the boxes like a hawk, and reprimanded a boy for taking a box of hot cocoa.  {the boy apologized and returned the cocoa.}  After a few weeks of collecting the supplies, the kids put the packages together, along with notes to the soldiers.  When deciding where specifically to send the supplies, it was discovered that one teacher’s husband and one student’s father were serving in Iraq together, so the supplies went to them.

There was a great article in the local paper about this fund-raising effort, and Bunny was mentioned as the brains behind the campaign, but there was {and rightfully so} a bigger focus on the teacher and student who had loved ones serving in Iraq.  She was a little disenchanted by this and thought nobody noticed all of her hard work.  Her father and I reassured her that the principal and teachers noticed, and she was not doing this for the notoriety, but for the good of the soldiers.  Well, in June when she was graduating from 6th grade, she received the highest award from the PTO “Humanitarian of the Year” for her hard work.  The PTO made a donation to the charity of her choice, so she sent her $100 donation to The Jimmy Fund.

This year she is in the 7th grade at the Jr/Sr high school.   She wrote her proposal in September to her new principal and got the approval today.  She will be working with both the middle school and Jr/Sr high school to gather supplies for the troops this year!  Twice the workload, but also twice as many troops being sent care packages!!!

I could not be more proud of my daughter!  She is a straight A student, has a heart of pure gold and is the sweetest child I have ever met.  To call her mine, is an honor!  I will write another post when the mission is complete.


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