For months I was waiting for the calendar to flip to August.  FINALLY…August 1st came and another Red Sox adventure began.   At 11:30AM, I walked into my absolute favorite restaurant, Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar & Grill, with a huge smile on my face.  It had been a few weeks since I had been there *gasp* and was mockingly reprimanded by security for not visiting them.  The hostess escorted me over to the table where two of my wonderful twitter friends were waiting already seated.   Shelley, who takes the most amazing Red Sox photos and Danielle, who loves her Red Sox more than chocolate!  After about 5 minutes of chatting, my SLS, Kim, sauntered over with her usual sassy flair to sit with us.

SIDE NOTE: We get asked all the time what SLS means; well, let me tell ya….Sassy Lassy Sisters! There, now you know…back to the story.  😉

THE PLAN: Watch the Red Sox game at Remy’s, then stroll over to Fenway for the Picnic In The Park which started an hour after  the Red Sox/Tigers game concluded.  We were right behind Fenway, so we could enjoy the entire game at Remy’s.

To my delight  Kelly, another twitter friend, showed up to watch the game with us.   It was great to see the reactions of the ladies who had not been to Remy’s before.  It really is a great place to watch a game.  Retired numbers on the back walls, black & white photos from all the Boston teams on the side wall, and two of the largest TVs I have ever seen AKA “The Screen Monsters.”   There was a great crowd in the restaurant watching Clay Buchholz and the Red Sox grab a W that day!  {although there were a few tense moments when “Heart Attack Paps” took the hill in the 9th.}

After the game we hung out for about half an hour to allow Fenway to clear out. While we were waiting 2 more twitter friends, Paul and Gabs, who had gone to the game, joined us.  One more quick drink and we were off  to America’s Most Beloved Ballpark! 

GATE B: We ambled through the back parking lot of Remy’s to Gate B, where there was a table with a red umbrella set up for the Picnic in the Park visitors.  We stood in a short line and were given blue wristbands.  Upon entering Fenway,  each of us was handed a Christmas Tree Shop bag containing a Home Goods blanket, CVS lip balm and CVS pretzels.  {guess which companies were sponsoring the event?  😉 }  We were also handed 2 books and a CD from volunteers as we made our way further into the Park.  “BLOOD FEUD: The Red Sox, the Yankees, and the struggle of Good versus Evil” by: Bill Nowlin and “The Red Sox Fan Handbook” by Leigh Grossman were the two books.  I am yet to read either, but they both seem intriguing.  The CD I will not name because I listened to it and well….it shall remain nameless.

We walked from the Gate B entrance to section 10 and 11 where we entered onto the field.  I’m sorry, in case you just read that too quick…WE WALKED ONTO THE FIELD!!!!  Kim, Shelley, Danielle, another twitter friend FC, and I were walking towards  CENTER FIELD at Fenway Park!!!!   Eeeeeeekkk!!!!  You want to see 5 grown women act like little kids at Christmas…have them walk onto the field at Fenway. The 5 of us had our shoes off and started to look for a good spot to set up camp.  Once we found a spot in straight away Center Field, we unfurled our blankets and took in the beauty of being inside Fenway Park and being on the field.  We also started snapping pictures like crazy!  Here is one of our “Feets on Fenway Grass!”

The event coordinators roped off the infield  for the players and their families.  We saw so many of the Red Sox children, and let me tell you, they’re a cute bunch of kiddies!  There was a half hour autograph session with the players and a countdown clock was on the jumbo-tron above the bleachers.  The players sat at tables  around the infield foul ground area with  2 or 3 players to a table for autographs.  The ladies and I broke up and went to the table we wanted the most first, then as time permitted, we went to a second or even a third table.  My first table, “VARITEK, WAKEFIELD and HALL.”  If you know me, it was a no brainer that I went there first. While I was waiting for it all to start, I  stood in line right in front of Josh Beckett.  I asked him if I could take his picture and he said, “Yeah I guess, but it’s not going to look good because it’s just me in the picture.”  I asked him if I could take a pic with him, and he looked at security who said no.  {boooooo}  So, I took the pic of Becks and told him it would be cute with just him in it, to which he replied, “I’m not cute.”  We then got into a debate about his cuteness and I ended it by rolling my eyes at him and saying, “Whatever Josh, I think you’re cute.”  He smiled at that.  😉

The line started to move…I was about 20 people away from Varitek and the line was moving pretty quick…as was by pulse!  I got up to Varitek and asked if he could sign my jersey.  He said of course with a smile and took his black Sharpie  to my jersey.  “Uuumm, I think my silver one will show up better on the material.” I said to him.  “Yeah, that’s true.” Jason said.  So he took my silver Sharpie  and signed my right shoulder.  *swoons* I thanked him and moved to Wakefield and Hall.  They both signed my jersey with the silver Sharpie and I thanked them and shook both their hands.  {I would have shaken Tek’s hand, but I could hardly remember my name…*swoons*}

In the photo below, Tek is signing a ball for a fan, with Tim Wakefield next to him.  I didn’t say anything to get Jason to look at me…pretty sure he just thinks I’m cute…and honestly, can ya blame him???  LOL

There was still time on the countdown clock, so I made my way over to the “BECKETT, LOWELL, CAMERON” line and waited.  This line was quite popular and the security staff told us that when the clock’s time ran out, there were no more autographs.  He also said that where I was standing, I may not make it in time.  I pouted but stayed in line.  I got chatting with two gals in front of me and together we all swooned over the players.  This line moved just as quick as the Tek line, and I got all 3 autographs with 2-1/2 minutes to spare on the countdown!  YAY!  I shook the hands of all three players this time, and still was kicking myself for not getting to shake Tek’s!  {Oh well, another time}

Once the autograph session ended, the girls and I met up at our little campsite and traded stories.  I was happy with the six players I got to get autographs from, but wish I could have gotten everyone’s.  Youk, Pedey, Cash, Beltre, Papi, V-Mart, Atchy, Buchholz, Lowrie, Bard, McDonald and Oki were the players I missed out on.  But I got TEK!!!!!  Eeeeeeekkk!!!!  😀

Kim, Danielle, Shelley, FC and I still couldn’t believe it was all really happening.  We were on the grass at Fenway Park barefooted!  LOVE IT!  The bottom of our feet were now all red from the clay of the foul ground where we got the autographs, but it didn’t matter.  We took more pictures and walked over to the MONSHTAH!  We looked in, posed in front of and even touched the 37 foot Green Monster of Fenway Park.  {OK, to get technical, it is 37 feet, 2 inches.}

We once again made our way back to our little campsite, this time with food.  There were hot dogs, veggie burgers, watermelon, and of course potato salad!  {I’m sure there was more food, but once I had my dog and watermelon, I was all set.}

To entertain the crowd, comedian  Mike O’Malley was Emceeing an auction for the Red Sox Foundation.  O’Malley was funny and got the crowd to donate quite generously!  Shelley bid on and won  45 minutes of playing board games with Mike Lowell!!!!  How cool is THAT???  Blueman Group was also there to entertain the Fenway Faithful.  As the blue men walked past us, we were a little freaked out.  They looked like blue aliens!   After the initial shock of weirdness wore off, I thoroughly enjoyed their performance.  I had never seen them perform before, and now I want to go see their full show.

Mike Petraglia from WEEI came down from the press boxes to join us.  Mike was the official score keeper for the Sox game for that series.  {Again…how cool is that???  Mike, if you ever need an assistant, let me know!}  He was very nice and we ended up chatting for quite a while.  He’s funny, obviously knows his sports, and is just a generally great guy to hang out with!

I looked over while chatting with Kim and Mike and saw people signing the Pesky Pole.  I have never signed it before, but this season has been a year of firsts for me, so I asked Kim if she wanted to go sign it with me.  Of course she did!  Seriously, what Red Sox fan doesn’t want their name on THE pole???  Out came my silver Sharpie again, and the signing commenced!  On the side of the Pesky Pole facing the field is now, “JKMG ’10” as well as Kim’s signature.  Without even meaning to, I ended up placing my initials within a “sock!”  When I write the “G” it always has a long tail, and after I signed, I put a loop around the whole thing.  This combination made a “sock” around my initials.  {even subconsciously I am a die-hard Sox fan!}

It was finally time to start heading home.  We all walked out of “Disneyland for Red Sox fans,” and said goodbye to each other.   The day was amazing!  The company I was with was phenomenal! The Red Sox were SO SEXY in person!  {What???  They were!!!  I’m just trying to give an accurate account!}  😛

As for my jersey….


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