The Proposal…

As many of you now know, a friend of mine, Jim Tomasetti, will be walking in this years JIMMY FUND WALK in September.  Jim is looking for donations and I told him I would help.  I have always been amazing at getting people to donate to causes in person, but have discovered it is a lot more difficult in the “virtual world.”  SO I am going to propose this to everyone who reads this blog…

I am donating $50 to Jim’s walking team BUT… From July 29, 2010 through September 1, 2010…

If you donate at least $25, I will donate an additional $1.

If you donate $1,000 or more, I will donate an additional $25

If you donate $10,000 or more, I will donate an additional $100

I have lots of facebook and twitter friends, so this could really add up for me, but I am glad to do it for a great cause and a great friend.

If you’re on twitter reading this, PLEASE ReTweet!!!  (RT)

If you’re on facebook reading this, PLEASE copy and paste to your status!

Donating is easy (as well as a tax write-off)  😉

Go to:

Click on the “Support a Walker” tab

In the Last Name field, type TOMASETTI and hit <ENTER>

You will see JIM TOMASETTI with the team name “Setti’s Squad”  {click on Jim’s name}

Fill in the donation amount and then the required information.  Your next option is to click “In Support of” “In Memory of” “”In Honor of” etc.  Click the “In Support Of” and then type: JKMG {This will make it easier to keep track of how many donations I helped with.}



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