JIMMY FUND {a little history}

Founded in 1948 in Boston, Massachusetts, THE JIMMY FUND has been supporting cancer care and research for patients for the past 62 years. Although he didn’t found The Jimmy Fund, Ted Williams was among its biggest supporters throughout his life. Williams, who loved children and hated cancer, was known for visiting the children in Boston area hospitals with little fanfare and press around him. The famous “Ted Williams Jimmy Fund Statue” depicts the “Splendid Splinter” placing a cap upon the bare head of a young cancer patient, as a tribute to his decades of support and donations . Although there are no solid numbers, “The Kid” raised millions of dollars for The Jimmy Fund.

There really was a “Jimmy!” Einar Gustafson was a 12-year-old cancer patient of Dr. Sidney Farber. Gustafson was a die-hard baseball fan, whose favorite team, in 1948, was the Boston Braves. Being in the hospital all the time without a television, prevented the young fan from watching his beloved team. On May 22, 1948, Ralph Edwards hosted his radio show, “Truth or Consequences” from California, and thanks to The Variety Club of New England (now the Variety Children’s Charity of New England) Einar Gustafson, surrounded by his favorite players of the Boston Braves, gave an interview from his hospital bed in Boston, Ma. In order to protect his true identity, they dubbed Einar, “Jimmy.” “Jimmy” told his story of longing for a television set so he could watch his beloved ball team while receiving cancer treatments in the hospital. At the end of the interview, there was a plea from Edwards to America to send donations to Boston in order to purchase a television set for the young boy. America, being the great nation that it is, responded with donations of over $200,000. “Jimmy” got his television, and thus “THE JIMMY FUND” was formed.

In 1953, The Boston Red Sox formed a partnership with The Jimmy Fund, and for the past 57 years, The Jimmy Fund has benefited from the Red Sox generous fans, players, owners and GMs. There are countless events and fundraisers hosted by the Boston Red Sox to support their local charity throughout the year. Like Ted Williams, many of the Red Sox players visit the Dana-Farber Cancer Research Center in Boston without fanfare or media following them.

For the past 21 years, the Boston Athletic Association has held their Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk along the 26.2 mile course of the World Famous Boston Marathon route. A good friend of mine, Jim Tomasetti, has taken part in this walk for the past few years. He is once again partaking in the walk, and is looking for donations. Jim is a great guy who is a HUGE Red Sox fan, as well as a HUGE cancer research supporter! Last year his team raised over $5,500, and this year he has set his team’s goal to $10,000. If everyone who reads this blog donates $25, Jim will reach his $10,000 goal in no time! It’s easy to donate, just follow the steps below:

(1) Log onto http://www.jimmyfundwalk.org

(2) Then click “Support a Walker” in the top right hand side of page.

(3) Type Jim’s last name “Tomasetti”… into the last name field

(4) Then click Jim’s name which will bring you to the page where you can donate. {His team is”Setti’s Squad”}

Thank you all so much for supporting a wonderful cause as well as a great friend! GOOD LUCK JIM!!!


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