Strange Red Sox Dream…

I was in a conference room at Fenway Park, that I have never been in before, with about 20 members of the Red Sox personnel, when Terry Francona stood up from the table, looked at me and said, “Farrell is sick, I need a right-hand person today . Griffin, it’s your turn.”

I looked at him, stood up, and said, “No it’s not!”

“YES it is, Jenney.  John is too sick to come to the game, I am going to need your help.  You are the only one who knows the game as well as John and I.”  Terry said pleadingly to me with a worried look in his eyes.

The other people in the meeting were just looking at me with the “you-know-he’s-right-about-this” look on their faces.

“Fine!  But I am wearing my navy heels!”  I said with my hands on my hips.

Terry smiled with relief and said, “I figured as much.  Ok, the game is in 2 hours, go put the uniform on and meet me in the dugout.  Heels and all.”

So, I went down to the  Red Sox locker room to change into my Red Sox uniform and put my matching navy blue heels on.  I was alone in the locker room because the rest of the team was already on the field taking batting practice.  My white baseball pants and #77 jersey looked wicked cute with my navy blue heels.  Terry walked in, right after I placed my cap on, with a very serious look on his face.

“Pedey’s foot is broken, and I have nobody else who can play 2nd tonight.  I know it’s last-minute, but I need you to play 2nd for us tonight. Ells, Cam, Buck and Pedey all on the DL is killing me.”  Terry said.

“OK, but I am wearing my heels!”  I said with a smirk.

“Yeah, I figured as much.  That’s fine, but you can’t use the sparkly red glove.  They banned the sparkly gloves last week,”  Said Terry.

“I know, I got that memo, and I think it’s silly.  Why can’t we have sparkly gloves?  OK, I’ll meet you on the field in a couple of minutes.”  I said to the Red Sox manager.

After Francona left the locker room, I thought better of the heels, and put my cleats on.  I got up, checked my hair and makeup in the mirror, grabbed my glove and started to walk to the dugout and onto the field….then I woke up!

This was one of the strangest dreams I have had in a while.  When I told my daughter about it in the morning, she thought it was SO COOL!  I guess subconsciously I am worried about the Sox and everyone on the DL, but am willing to do anything to help the team!  FOR THE RECORD: I do not own navy blue heels…but now I am thinking I may need them!  {Especially if Tito is willing to let me wear them in the dugout or on the field to assist him!}  LOL


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