Jenney’s Early June Adventures…

With only 1/3 of the month under my belt, June 2010 has been an amazingly fun month! As I told you in my previous post, Wednesday June 2nd, I won tickets to another Red Sox game. Friday June 4th was the beginning of my 4 day weekend of fun! Great friends, lots of laughs, some dancing, and a Red Sox game! Does life get any better???

Friday June 4th: FOX 25 New in Boston does what they call a “Zip Trip” every Friday in the summer. The term, “Zip Trip” simply means, taking a trip to a particular Zip Code! They set up camp in a Massachusetts city or town, usually in the town’s common, and broadcast their morning news from that city or town. Throughout the show, they focus on historic events or people, notable restaurants, and noteworthy people who hail from that particular zip code.

Well, when I went to the Medway Zip Trip, it was because I knew one Medway’s “notable residents.” My childhood friend, “The Machine” Jesse Green was going to be featured on FOX 25, and I went to support him. My friend Paul picked me up at 4:30AM, {yes, you guessed it…I was actually UP at 3:30AM!!!} After stopping at Dunkin Donuts, Paul and I headed towards Medway. We got there around 5:30AM and ran into Kim Carrigan as she was getting out of her car. {The pretty blond on the morning news…wicked nice lady!}

Now for those of you who don’t know about or have never heard of “The Machine” Jesse Green, let me give you a quick synopsis. Jesse and I grew up in Holliston, Mass where he was always into artwork. His cartoons were quirky and funny, and I think throughout the course of our childhood, each of Jesse’s friends ended up with an original Jesse Green cartoon! {wish I still had mine, it’s probably worth millions now!} Somewhere in college, Jesse’s artistic passions lead him into various styles of artistry. From drawing to sculpting, to eventually learning to carve intricate details into wood using a chainsaw. Yes, you read that right! Jesse carves elaborately detailed masterpieces out of logs, using a CHAINSAW! It is the coolest form of artistry I have ever seen. {There, now you know Jesse in a nutshell.}

FOX 25 heard about Jesse’s unique style of artwork and decided to feature him on their program. Jesse has received various grants from Project Eco-Art in Massachusetts and the Medway Fire Department commissioned Jesse to make them a landmark sculpture for their firehouse. When we got there, Jesse and his crew were setting up the log to be sculpted as the FOX 25 news crew was setting up for the morning news. We ended up meeting the three personalities who were there to host the show; Kim Carrigan, Cindy Fitzgibbon and Doug VB Goudy.

Paul and I wandered about watching the news as it was broadcast and chatted with Jesse and his family. VB interviewed Jesse and then it was time for the master to get to work. The 6 foot log was quickly turning into something resembling a face with a firefighter’s hat on top of it. Jesse told Kim Carrigan and VB in the final interview that the whole process would take about a week to complete. What we saw was simply the “blocking” of the wood. Basically just getting the rough idea of the sculpture. Jesse would continue the work at home with sanding, fine sculpting and finally painting before presenting it to the Medway FD. I can’t wait to see the finished product, and if this interests you too, visit to view this sculpture and all Jesse’s great artwork! {go to the “portfolio” to see more of his Project Eco-Art Massachusetts creations.}

Saturday June 5th: Paul and I were ready for the next adventure of the weekend….Baltimore or Bust! Just after 6:00AM Paul was back at my home to pick me up and begin the long drive down to Baltimore, with a stop along the way to pick up another friend, Jenni, in Connecticut. Of course DD was our first stop! Once we were properly fueled up, and the car got it’s breakfast at the Hess station next to DD, we were off. Passing by Fenway Park as we headed to Camden Yards just seemed to àpropos. Thankfully Paul and I, and later Jenni, like the same music. If we hated each others musical tastes it could have been a very quiet 9 hours!

After getting Jenni, we stopped every hour to hour and a half, so we could all stretch our legs, pee, smoke and eat. We arrived in Baltimore right around 5:00PM and went to the hotel room we were sharing with another friend, Shelley, to drop our bags off and shower. My partner-in-crime, Kim, met us at the hotel room and hung out with us until everyone was ready to go. Now the hotel room was notably warm, and by warm I mean, FLIIPIN’ HOT AS HADES! On our way out, we mentioned this to the front desk, and upon returning from out Baltimore adventures, they changed our room to a properly air-conditioned one. {Seriously, it was 86* in the room and 89* outside!}

The whole purpose of going to the Red Sox game in Baltimore was for what is known as a TweetUp. Almost everyone who went met on the social media site, Twitter. So when there is a Twitter meet-up, we call it a TweetUp. {Because we’re cool like that!} 😉 This Baltimore TweetUp was dual-purposed; we were all going to see a Red Sox game together as well as celebrate one of our Twitter friend’s birthday! {HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DANIELLE!!!!}

When we got to Camden Yards, a childhood friend of mine, Erica, recommended a place across the street for adult beverages, called “Pickles.” Let me just say, after spending 7 minutes in that dive, I will NEVER go there again! It was way overcrowded, the music was far too loud, and there was not nearly enough space to move about…including trying to get to an exit to leave! {pretty sure it’s a major fire hazard, but I am not a professional, so what do I know?} So, we went to the sidewalk to try to round-up the twitter crew who had toured Baltimore while we were driving down, waiting to hear where everyone was meeting. After about 10 minutes of texting and waiting, the entire Baltimore TweetUp crew emerged. It was cool to meet people face-to-face that I have chatted online with for about a year or more.

As we were having our picture taken, I saw out of the corner off my eye, a familiar face. Along with this being a fun and exciting weekend, it was also a pseudo-reunion weekend for me. My childhood friend, Erica, who recommended the aforementioned “Pickles” was walking towards us. As soon as the last picture snapped, I ran over to her and gave her a huge hug! Erica and I have been friends since 6th grade! Let’s just say, we’ve been friends so long and we have so much info on each other, we could write a book! A really juicy book….but any way…back to the Baltimore story! Seeing Erica made my heart smile! She is among the happiest people I know, and her smile could light up the darkest room! In the photo below, I realize {now} that I look scared of something. In reality, I believe I was talking when the picture snapped. {and of course, there was only one picture of us taken.} Oh Well!

After meeting Erica’s fiancée, I rejoined my TweetUp crew and we headed towards the Camden Yards entrance. My friend, Darcy, who was going to join us, but was running late. I told her I would come down from the seats with her ticket when she arrived. {Originally I was going to wait out front for her, and told the TweetUp crew to go up to the seats without me, so they did.} I stopped at the gift shop before heading to my seat to get a couple of requested items. My daughter and I always get magnets when we go places, so I was in search of an Orioles magnet for her, and my roommate’s boyfriend asked me to get an Orioles pin for him. Once I bought the requested items, I headed to the upper deck, third tier seats. I had purchased 8 tickets back in March, and at the time, sitting on the third level seemed like a great idea! Once I got there, and realized there was little to no airflow and it was 87* outside, I changed my mind about the idea being a good one. We did have a cool view of the field, and if it wasn’t so hot, it would have been more comfortable.

After sitting through six innings in seats with no airflow, Kim, Darcy and I scouted out new seats closer to the action which had some semblance of wind/airflow. Now as mentioned in previous posts, Kim and I are VERY good at getting lucky when it comes to seat upgrades. After texting the TweetUp crew, and telling them to come down two-by-two, we got everyone into the lower section in the 6th inning and eventually Kim and I sat in the 3rd row, behind first base. {there were more seats, but everyone else was too chicken to move again.} The Captain, Jason Varitek, hit a single and was hanging out at first for quite a while as Kim and I sat there swooning over him.

The Red Sox ended up trouncing the Baltimore Orioles 8-2, and Johnny Lester got his 11th victory over the O’s. Lester has never lost a game he has pitched against the Orioles! Way to go, Johnny!!! 😀

After the game, Darcy had to head back home, but the rest of the TweetUp crew decided to hit the town. {A few of us, myself included, had never been to Baltimore before.} We all went to this dance club/bar/hangout complex called POWER PLANT. There were tons of little bars, dance clubs and hangout places within the outdoor complex that we figured we were bound to find something all 10 of us could agree on. The first place we stopped at was playing, “Sweet Caroline!” WINNER!!!! So, Luckies Tavern, was where we drank, danced, laughed and enjoyed getting to know each other better. {Side Note: It was still wicked hot out, even at 11:00PM, so the “drinking” was kept to a minimum. We’re fun, not stupid.} After a few hours of merriment, we all decided to head back to our various hotels and call it a night. Jenni, Shelley, Paul and I were all sharing a room and stayed up till about 3:30AM laughing, talking and just enjoying being on our mini-vacation.

Sunday June 6th: After only about 5 or so hours of sleep, Jenni, Paul and I said goodbye to Shelley and packed everything back in the car to begin our journey back to Connecticut for yet another adventure. As we traveled up I-95, I was getting text messages from the Weather Channel saying there was severe weather on its way to Waltham. I got a text which made my heart skip a beat, and caused me to call my daughter and text my roommate…TORNADO WATCH! WHAT???? A tornado in Massachusetts, really??? I know it does happen once in a blue moon, but I was still in disbelief! The storms turned out to be wicked bad but thankfully, no tornado, and no damage to my town, or my daughter’s. Unfortunately, Jenni was not so lucky. The three of us had planned on going to Mohegan Sun to see Conan O’Brien that night, but there was so much damage at Jenni’s house, that she was unable to join Paul and I. As we drove from Maryland to Connecticut, there were storm clouds, light sprinkles and whipping winds along the way. We got very lucky there was nothing to impede our travels.

Paul and I got to Mohegan Sun just after 8:00PM and got to our seats around 8:30PM. The Conan OBrien, “The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour” started at 9:00Pm and wrapped up around 11:30Pm. I have not laughed that much in a long time. Conan and his crew were extremely funny and entertaining.

After the show, Paul and I walked around the casino and had something to eat. We were back on the road a little after 1:00AM and he dropped me off at home right around 3:30AM, Monday morning.

OVERALL: The 3 days of fun, games, laughs and friends was more fun than I could have ever anticipated! The memories and the friendships which came from those three wonderful days are going to be cherished for years to come. I want to thank Paul, for providing the transportation for the three days, and everyone who took part in the merriment for all the wonderful memories!!! I took Monday off to rest and recover. Turns out, all I needed was the rest, and I slept on and off for most of the day. I can’t wait to see how the rest of June is going to turn out! 😀


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