My Amazing Brianna Bunny!

What I wrote November 1, 2009:

A couple of weeks ago my daughter saw a small ad in the paper asking for donations for our troops overseas. She decided it would be a good idea to get her school involved, to gather a bunch of donations and really help out the troops. She put together her idea typed it up and presented it to her teacher and then her principal. They both thought it was a great idea, and now Bunny, with the help of a teacher, who has a husband serving in Iraq, are going to present it to every class, get notes out to all the homes and lead a giant fund-raiser for our troops. My baby is going to change the world, and she is starting now! I am SO incredibly proud of my baby Bunny!

The newspaper article on December 10, 2009:

You have to look at PAGE 6 of this link….

I am SO proud of my daughter for starting this! She is in the back row of the photo with the gray striped sweater! t/pdf/WEB.2009.12.11.pdf

PTO award June 11, 2010:

She was a little upset about the newspaper article at first, because she was only mentioned in passing, but obviously her school was very proud of her as she received the PTO humanitarian award for 2010. A $100 donation has been made in her name to a charity of her choice, and she chose The Jimmy Fund. She has ALWAYS had a heart of gold…she has donated her hair twice to Locks-of-Love. My baby girl is going to change the world, and she really has begun her quest!


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