Amazing Red Sox Luck

For the third time this season, I have won tickets to a Red Sox game.  I never win ANYTHING, yet somehow I am lucky with the Red Sox this season!  The first pair I won were from Rem Dawg Nation, the second pair from Red Sox Nation and now the third pair from the Boston Red Sox as part of their Fan Appreciation Giveaway.

I saw a post on facebook from the Boston Red Sox saying they were giving away 5 pair of tickets to the game that night, June 2, 2010.  {The night before they gave away 5 pair as well.}  The Boston Red Sox posted this on facebook:

As a part of Fan Appreciation at Fenway, Larry Lucchino will give away tickets to 5 lucky fans at Park Street T Station today at noon. In order to win the tickets you have to be one of the first five fans to approach Larry with the correct answer to “Who threw the first Red Sox no-hitter?”

That’s it?  Just go up to Larry and say, “Cy Young?”  That’s all?  Well, heck….I can do THAT!  I called my boss at 11:15am and asked if I could have an early/long lunch.  He said yes, and asked if it was because of something Red Sox related.  {he knows me too well.}  I said, “Yes, I am going to go win tickets to tonight’s game!”  He said, “You mean try to win tickets.”  I replied, “No, I mean I am going to WIN the tickets! You know how my luck has been this season….I’m a sure bet!”   I called him when I got back to work, I could practically hear him fall off his chair.  😉

So, at 11:30AM I took the train from my office to the Park St. Station.  {it’s only 5 stops up the Green line}  I got there at 11:50AM where there were quite a few other Sox fans lingering about watching every man who walked up the Park Street Station steps like a hawk.  I asked a couple who was standing near me if they too were here for the tickets, and they said yes.  We were chatting when Rafe Anderson walked by.  {Rafe is the founder of the website and has a lot of Red Sox inside scoop.}  He was there with his little video camera asking people how they had heard about the contest and what they thought their odds of winning were.  He was very nice and when I asked him how Larry would be arriving he gave me a little heads up.  {he also told everyone else who asked him, but there were not many.}  He said Larry would be arriving with Wally the Green Monster and most likely coming from Beacon St down Park St.  So off we went to the corner of Park St and waited…and waited…and waited.  People were all chatting and the name of Cy Young was whirling about.

“Is that Lucchino?”  “Yup!”   Off we ran up Park St.  {which if you have never walked up Park St…is quite steep!}  I have not run that fast in YEARS!  I am admittedly not in shape, but for FREE Red Sox tickets, you would have thought I ran marathons on a regular basis!  2/3 of the way up this steep street, Larry Lucchino and Wally began to exit their car.  I was among the first people to reach them.  I was standing in front of Larry and {politely} yelled, “Cy Young!”  {everybody else was dead silent!  I could not figure that out because  facebook told us to tell Larry the answer as soon as we saw him!}  “You’re the first winner!”  Larry said to me. Right after that, people were barking the name, “Cy Young”  all around me!  Larry walked to the sidewalk and put his back to the fence at the Boston Common.  He took out an envelope containing 5 pair of Sox tickets for that night.  People were pushing and shoving and I got jostled all around.  He handed out 2 pair of tickets when I said, “I was the FIRST WINNER!”  He looked at me and said, “You’re right” and handed me my pair.  {Some guy who was behind me, tried to grab them from my hand and I elbowed him in the gut.  Don’t mess with a Red Sox die-hard, jackass!}

I waited till all the hubbub simmered down and walked back to Mr. Lucchino, who was giving away Red Sox coins, and shook his hand and thanked him for giving away the tickets.  He smiled and said, “You’re welcome, I’m glad you won.” then handed me a Red Sox coin, and off I went back to work.

Before I had even left my office, I had sent a text to my partner-in-crime, Kim, asking her if she wanted to go to the game when I won.  Of course she said yes, and we planned to meet at Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar & Grill before the game for dinner and drinks.  {I know, *shocking* that we went there for dinner and drinks.}

After dinner we headed to Fenway Park to watch the pitchers and catchers warm up.  OK, who am I kidding, we totally went to see Jason Varitek do his erotic warm-up stretching routine!  Which he did!

Then we headed to our seats.  The Red Sox were gracious enough to put us behind home plate in the upper section.  The seats were really good, and I saw the other winners from earlier in the day there as well.  {the couple I had talked to in the beginning had won tickets too!}

Kim saw a friend of her’s sitting in the front row near the batter’s box and went over to say hello to him.  Turned out 2 of his friends couldn’t make the game, and he asked us if we would like to join him in the front row for the game.  We said yes, and for the first time in my life, I sat in the FRONT ROW at Fenway Park!!!  I have not had this feeling of joy since I was about 7 or 8 on Christmas Eve when Santa was going to come to the house!  Holy COW!!!  Not even the bottom of the first, and here we are FRONT ROW!  When the Sox players came up at the bottom of the first they took their warm-up swings right in front of us!!!  I took a photo of Tek, when he was watching the action, while on deck, which I absolutely LOVE!  The caption should read something like: “The Captain Keeping Watch.”

After the Sox beat the A’s 6-4, the ball boy gave me a game ball, because I had told him I never caught one before after coming to Fenway for 33 years.  {I also had a Jason Varitek foul ball graze my fingers during the game, but that is another story for another time.}  Kim also got a ball from the ball boy, and we left Fenway as happy as school girls!  {It really doesn’t take much to keep either of us happy!}

So, Kim and I headed back to Remy’s for a drink and then were going to head home.  Once we were sitting I looked behind Kim and saw a guy who looked familiar.  It took me a second to process who it was…the whole “out of context” thing.  Then I realized it was one of the Red Sox starting pitchers….John Lackey!  He was sitting by himself waiting for 2 other people to show up.  Kim walked over to her friend, who is a manager there, and asked if we could meet Lackey. He said yes, but didn’t go back to the table to get me to go along with them.  While she was over schmoozing with Lackey, I was at our table in a fit of jealousy.  I should have known better though….Kim would never leave me out of anything fun.  She came back to our table and said to give it a few minutes then we would subtly go back.  When we went back, John’s 2 friends had shown up and we met them too.  Clay and Lindsay Buccholz!!!!  Kim and I asked if the guys would sign the game balls we had just received after the game.  {neither was on the mound that night…Dice-K had pitched}  They were both so gracious and signed the balls and we chatted for a bit, then went back to our table.  {For the record…Lindsay Buccholz is such a sweet lady and absolutely adorably pregnant!}

On the drive home, Kim and I were over-the-moon happy about the turn of events that day.  To go from not having any plans, to sitting in the front row of the Sox game to meeting 2 of the starting pitchers, still feels like a dream!  My Red Sox Luck has been amazingly phenomenal this 2010 season, and I have a WICKED GOOD feeling about how the 2010 season will end!  Curse?  What curse?  These Sox are destined for greatness!  {again}


2 Responses to “Amazing Red Sox Luck”

  1. Amy Palmer Says:

    With all that Red Sox luck, I need you to come with me to the games I’m attending this summer. There’s no way I could go wrong with that!

  2. Kim Says:

    I loved the blog Jenney! What a great game and night we had! Thank you for the invite- you are truly the luckiest fan this year! Until next time….. and our adventures continue!

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