Perfect Day at Fenway, ending with Tek, “The Hot Zoo Animal”

So far this young season, I have been to 4 Red Sox games.  {my record is 2-2 if you were wondering.}  The game on Saturday April 24th was probably the most fun I have had in a long tome.  I went with my friend,Caroline, who had bought the tickets for her and her boyfriend for Christmas, but boyfriend couldn’t make the game, so she asked me to go.  OF COURSE I SAID YES!  Being a member of Red Sox Nation grants me special privileges, one of which is watching BP {batting practice} from atop the Green Monster at Fenway Park when I have game day tickets.  Through my twitter connections, I knew a few of my twitettes were also going to the game and  BP.

*SIDE NOTE 1: “Twitettes” is my new term for the twitter girls I chat with.  Yes, I am a twitette too.  😉

Caroline and I showed up at Gate C of  Fenway Park just before 4:00pm to get in line to watch BP.  I sent a text to my  twitette  Shelley, asking her if she was at the Park yet, and if so, where was she?  She texted me back saying she was already in line, and to come up and join her.  {she also joked that she would be easy to find because she was a redhead in a green t-shirt.}  Shelley had been to the previous 5 games and this was her 6th and final game of the week.  {she lives out-of-town, and this was her vacation.} A few minutes later, Marcy showed up to join us.  {another twitette}  Marcy and Shelley were sitting together on the third base side, while Caroline and I were sitting together behind home plate!

From her prior 5 days of experience at Fenway, Shelley knew all the ins and outs of how this worked which was very helpful because it was my first time going to BP as a member of Red Sox Nation.  We were all given “RED SOX NATION” wrist bands…I put mine on too loose so it was easily taken off for my RSN collection.    {Yup, I’m a total sports dork…whatevah!}

As we all started to file into Fenway, the four of us were all smiles.  The sky was blue, the temp was perfect and there was a slight spring breeze.  We could not have scripted a better day for this.  Chatting while we ascended the great staircase to the Monster was quite informative, as Shelley was telling us about where to stand, and where to go after BP to see more players.  She also showed us her amazing  photos and video she had taken the previous 5 days.

*SIDE NOTE 2: The photos you will see here were all taken by me, but the video {which you have to go to to see}, is from Shelley.  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE VIDEO, SHELLEY!!!! 😀

When we got to the top of the great  staircase, we turned left and followed Shelley down the Monster’s aisle  stairs to the front row.  WOW, was the only thought I had.  The view of Fenway from the Monster is simply beautiful!

The Red Sox hitter were swinging away as the pitchers were shagging the balls in the outfield.  While we were standing in the  corner of The Monster closest to the bleacher seats, we watched balls fly up to and even over The Monster.   Having never been atop The Monster before, I was in awe not only of the view, but also of the seats, space, and every little detail about The Monster experience!   Look how detailed the seats are {below}, I mean really, that is SO COOL!  {One of these days I will get tix to sit up there for a game!}

Our Monster experience lasted  for about half an hour, and then we had to leave our perch on  The Monster.  Shelley, being the new Fenway tour guide, lead us towards the bullpen so we could continue to watch BP, and get ready to watch the catchers stretch and the starting pitcher, Lackey, warm up.  Once we got to the bullpen area, we met up with another twitette, Danielle and her BFF, Tessie.  We all chatted while we watched Schoeneweis, Papelbon and Bard talking right below us.  We couldn’t hear what they were saying, but Paps was pretty  animated, so it was amusing.  We had a gentleman take a photo of all of us, and BFF, Tessie also took a photo or two…actually, with everyone wanting a photo with their own camera, I felt like we were suddenly at a photo shoot.

Left to Right in this photo: {random guy} Marcy, Danielle, Shelley, Jenney and Caroline.

After the impromptu photo shoot, we walked over to the bullpen.  Nobody was in it yet, but Shelley said the boys would be there soon.  Sure enough, we saw Tek and V-Mart walking over about 10 minutes later.   Tek was in full catcher’s regalia, so we knew he would be the catcher of the night.  Right after Tek walked into the pen, he  started his stretching routine.  *swoons*

*SIDE NOTE 3: I have been in love with Jason Varitek since his Little League World Series appearance in 1984.  I was 7, but I thought he was a great ballplayer and so dreamy.  I watched the LLWS with my grandfather every year, and learned from him which of these kids would “make it” some day.  Grandpa though young Jason had the “right stuff” to make a name for himself some day.  {He was right!}  When Tek came to us in 1997, along with Derek Lowe, in trade for Heathcliff Slocumb, I was thrilled!  I have never been a “pink hat” who only likes a player because he is a hottie.  I LOVE Tek’s mind for baseball!  {ok, and he’s a wicked hottie too…but that’s just an added bonus.}  😉

As Tek started to stretch, the girls started to crowd around the pen.  There were 2 guys, prob in their early 20’s, who had seats for the game right above where Jason was stretching.  The twitettes and I were respectful of their space, but some of the other girls who were there, paid these 2 guys little regard.  {I told one of them to back up because one of the guys was in danger of being smushed!}

I have to say; in all my 33 years, I have seen runners, professional athletes, and others all stretch to warm up for their respective sport and never once did I find it even the slightest bit sexy….UNTIL NOW!

One of the girls standing next to us noted that Tek looked like a “zoo animal” to which I replied, “I was just thinking the same thing.  But he’s a HOT ZOO ANIMAL!”  As the stretching continued, I was melting.  I did…as you will hear on the video…thank Jason for his posing.  When I noted to the girls that I was “melting” Tek looked up at me.  {Hhhhmmmm….maybe I was louder than I thought I was.}  LOL

Red Sox ended up winning the game, beating the Baltimore Orioles 7 to 6.  {Tek homered in the game…pretty sure I was his good luck charm for that game!}  😀

To see the video, go to and type in:

Jason Varitek in Red Sox Bullpen 4/24/10


2 Responses to “Perfect Day at Fenway, ending with Tek, “The Hot Zoo Animal””

  1. Amy Palmer Says:

    Um, yeah. *drool*

  2. Shelley Says:

    Jenney….BEST. TIME. EVER.

    And yes…I am very glad I finally learned how to work the video feature of my camera. In that video…Tek…hot…and you….hilarious!


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