Save a life; get a free mattress…

It all started yesterday, Friday, when my air mattress popped. I have slept on an air-mattress for years now. {I’ve moved a lot and it’s easier to move an air mattress than a real bed.} I woke up half way to the floor, Friday morning, and had a sore back…sure enough, the sign of a slow leak. I inflated the air mattress before work and then went on my way. My original plan for last night was to go to see my friend’s band play in Billerica, but my roommate and I decided we didn’t want to drive that far in the crappy weather. {plus a lot of our friends who had planned on going had also canceled.} So we called out friend “Y” and asked her if she wanted to stay local and have dinner with us…she did. Before we met up, my roommate “L” and I went home to change real quick. When I walked into my room, the air mattress was once again more than half way deflated. I was not happy at all, but we were going out, so it wasn’t fair to the girls if I was all pissy and grumbly. I would deal with it tomorrow I thought, and could get a new one at the store this weekend. We all met up at Bison County on Moody St in Waltham. {if you have never been there…they have wicked good bison burgers!} Our other friend “J” met up there too, but just for a quick beer, he had to go out with his own band that night. {different friend than the original band friend}


“L” and I had told “Y” about the air mattress issue and she told us she had a spare queen size mattress she could give me for free. I was SO happy! She is a great friend! If “L” and I had stayed with the original plan, we would not have seen “Y” last night.


I planned to go to “Y’s” house the next day with my ex-husband “G”, to get the new mattress because he has a truck. I called “Y” at 11:00 on Saturday morning to tell her “G” and I were going to be there around noon. She did not answer her phone, so I left her that message. {I also texted her to let her know.} When “G” showed up at my house at 11:45, I still hadn’t heard from “Y”, but we headed to her house any way. I had been to “Y’s” house before, to drop her off, but had never been inside. I also hadn’t realized “Y” lived in a 2 family house. There were 2 doorbells, and I didn’t know which one was hers. I rang one, waited a minute…no answer. So, I rang the other one, waited a minute…no answer. It was drizzly out and I was not thrilled about waiting for about 2 minutes in the drizzle for someone to answer the door. I went back to the truck to try to call “Y” again when I noticed someone with grey hair had opened the main door. {“Y” and her 2 roommates, don’t have grey hair, so I went back to the door to apologize to her neighbor for ringing the wrong bell.} I walked up the stairs to the main front door. I could see through the glass that the first floor door was open. I knocked on the glass door and heard someone say, “Come in.” I went in and saw an elderly lady on her knees with one hand on the couch and the other on her coffee table. I asked her if she was ok, and she said no. I went to her and put my arm around her telling her I was going to lift her to the sofa. She said, “No, I don’t want to sit, I’ve messed myself. I am so sorry.” I said, “Don’t worry about that, I’m a mommy and have been around worse.” I tried to lift her a little to the sofa, but she said she was dizzy. I reached in my pocket with one hand to get my cell phone and had the other arm still around the elderly lady. I called “G” who was still in the truck with our daughter, Mini. “I need you to call 911 and tell them there is an elderly lady in distress and to send an ambulance.” I told him. He said, “Ok, I’m going to call, and I am coming in the house.”

I put both hands under the lady’s arms and dragged her away from the sofa and table to the open floor. I placed my hand behind her head and gently placed her on the floor. She asked, “Are you a nurse?” I said, “No, Ma’am. I was looking for my friend, “Y”, but I rang your doorbell by mistake, I’m sorry about that. I’m Jenney and I am having my friend, “G”, call 911 to get you help.” “Oh, I’m Lucille. “Y” lives upstairs. I’m glad I answered the door, because I don’t know where my phone is right now. I think you were sent here to help me, you’re an Angel Jenney.”

“G” came into the house to get the correct address and told the paramedics what was going on. I was holding Lucille’s hand and telling her help was on the way and she was going to go to the hospital. After “G” made the phone call, he said he was going to go back into the truck with Mini. {Mini is 12, so it’s ok to leave her in the truck for a few minutes…we’re not neglectful parents.} Lucille † told me about her medical conditions, and said she had not eaten yet today. I noticed her purse was on the floor, and I told her I was going to put her hand down for a minute to get her purse ready to go when the paramedics arrived. She said her wallet was on the dining room table, so I retrieved it, and placed it in her purse. I went back to the floor and held her hand again. I asked her if there was anyone she wanted me to call, and she said to call her son, “B.” I tried to call, “B” but there was no answer and I didn’t want to leave a message. A few minutes later I tried, “B” again, but again no answer. I asked her if there was anyone else I could try to call, and she said her daughter, “K” had just changed her phone number and she couldn’t remember what it was. I asked her if she had written it down somewhere and she said it was on the dining room table. I told her I was going to put her hand down again and call “K.” Again, there was no answer from one of her children. As I hung up the phone I could hear the sirens of the ambulance coming up the street. Lucille told me her medication was on the dining room table and said she might need to bring it with her, so I gathered it all up, placed it in a box, and put it on the table by the door. I went back to her side and held her hand again. I had kept her talking for the 15 minutes it took for the ambulance to get there. She lives by herself and was expecting a VNA {visiting nurses association} nurse to show up. She said she is to call them every day to “check in”, but hadn’t yet called today. When she doesn’t check in, they are supposed to try to call her, and if they can’t reach her, they are supposed to go to her home. That explained to me why she thought I was a nurse when I walked in and why she had opened her door in the first place.

The paramedics asked her all kinds of questions, took her BP and tried to figure out what was going on. When they asked if I was a nurse, I explained the wrong doorbell incident and one of them said, “Wow, then I guess you’re an Angel sent to help her.” “Uummm….no, just a mistaken doorbell.” I told him. But I realized I wasn’t going to win that battle when Lucille said, “Yes, Jenney there is an Angel sent to help me!” {You can’t argue with an elderly lady, so I let it go.} I tried to call her daughter, “K”, again and this time she answered her phone. I told her what was going on and how I came to be there. “K” thanked me and told me she would head to the hospital to see her mother. As the paramedics were taking Lucille out, they had grabbed her purse. I asked Lucille if her keys were in there because I wanted to lock her door, but only if she had the keys with her. She told them to give me her purse and told me to look for the keys. I found them, closed the purse and gave it back to her. I then locked the door behind everyone. Lucille was on her way to the hospital, and I was now able to process what had just happened.

My friend “Y” and her roommate, “C”, came downstairs during the commotion but stood back until Lucille was placed n the ambulance. I told “Y” what had happened and she said it was a good thing I had been there to help her landlady. “G”, Mini and I went up to get the mattress, and with “C’s” help, we loaded it into the truck. It was now lightly raining, and I lived 15 minutes away. We covered the mattress with a blanket “Y” had given us, and headed to my house. By the time we got there, one of the corners of the mattress had gotten wet. I spent the next 4 hours drying it with my hair dryer. {I dried it in 10 minute increments so as not to overheat the hairdryer.}

I called “K” to see how her mother was doing around 3:30pm, and she told me Lucille was going through all kinds of tests to see what was the matter with her. I told her I hoped she would be ok, and if there was anything I could do to help, to please call me.

I now have a new mattress, and a world of lessons for Mini. This day has been crazy, and to think, if my air mattress hadn’t popped yesterday…none of this would have ever happened. EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON!!!


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