Opening Day…eeerrrr….uuummmm….Night 2010

After a l-o-n-g off-season, I am ready for the 2010 Red Sox season to begin.  {I was at the last game of the 2009 season…you remember; when all Paps had to do was get ONE MORE FLIPPIN OUT TO WIN?!?!?!?}  I know Spring Training has begun, but I don’t consider the baseball season to have truly arrived  until Opening Day…errr…ummm…Opening Night, this year.  Opening Night?  Really, MLB?  Opening Day has historically been a great day of getting pumped up, celebrating with friends, leaving work a little early…or perhaps playing hooky for the day.  Of course, with the exception of leaving work/playing hooky, we will all be celebrating the 2010 Red Sox season with gusto, but a night game…against the Yankees…on Easter Sunday?  This was poor planning, I don’t care what they say about a “ratings boost.”  The ratings would have been just fine if they started the season on a Monday or a Tuesday during the day!  Sox/Yanks games ALWAYS get ratings!!!  The game went from being sold-out, to now there are rumors of upwards of 6,000 tickets up for grabs.  It’s not that Red Sox Nation doesn’t care about the game, it’s that they care more about their performances at work the next day…I was “wicked smaht” and took Monday off from work.  Red Sox/Yanks games are notoriously long games, and even I may have to leave Boston early in order to get home…I take the Commuter train into/out of Boston.   With all the pomp and circumstance of  the Opening Day…eeerrrr….uuummm….Night ceremonies…the game which is scheduled to begin at 8:05pm, will most likely start closer to 8:30pm and get over well after mid-night.  Seriously…what genus at MLB thought this up???  I want a name!!!    POOR PLANNING, MLB!!!

Well, I will be at Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar & Grill with my girlfriends, at 4:00pm to kick off the Opening (Day) Night of the 2010 Red Sox season!!!  The planned Opening Night outfit…jeans, Red Sox jersey and Sox ball cap…red sparkly manicure and 5″ red sparkly platform heels….yeah, this night is going to be EPIC!

‘Nuff Said!


One Response to “Opening Day…eeerrrr….uuummmm….Night 2010”

  1. spellingqueen81 Says:

    I agree that they should have left well-enough alone and kept the game on Opening Day. But, I’ll be watching anyway!

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