My personal review of Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar & Grill

I have looked forward to visiting the Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar & Grill for a while now. You see, I follow Jerry “Rem Dawg” Remy on facebook and twitter, and he has kept everyone updated on the progress of his new restaurant on Boylston St in Boston. Well, I must say, it was worth the wait. My fellow Red Sox enthusiast, Paul, and I had reservations for 5:30 on a Wednesday night to make our first, of many visits there. When we first walked through the door, we were greeted by a 20’x16′ “Faces of Fenway Boston Red Sox Mosaic” photo. From a distance, the large photo looks like a shot of the exterior side of Fenway Park with the World Series/Championship banners, but once you get closer, you will see tiny photos of more than 200 different Red Sox players from 1907 to 2007, which make up the larger picture. {I could have spent an hour looking at it!}

* {side note} Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar & Grill will henceforth be referred to as JRSB&G.

Once we got over the awe of the giant mosaic photo, Paul and I walked into the restaurant. The hostess was all smiles and seated us right away next to the huge, floor to ceiling, window that spanned the entire front of the restaurant. She gave us two separate menus each; the food menu as well as the drink menu. The food menu has a good number of options for apps, main courses and desserts without making me feel like I was overwhelmed with too many choices. Both menus are creatively baseball throughout, for example, on the food menu the appetizers are known as “The Starting Line Up” and on the drink menu you can order a “B.N.A.” {Buenas Noches Amigos}

There were only a handful of people in the restaurant when we first arrived, but the staff was very attentive to the people who were there. Our server came over and introduced herself, and was quite friendly. {I wish I could remember her name, because she truly was a gem.} I asked her if it was a requirement for the staff to be Red Sox fans in order to work there, she laughed and said no, but told us she was a die-hard Sox fan, as were a lot of the staff members. She got our drinks and placed our orders for appetizers, or in the JRSB&G World…our “Starting Line-up.”

The theme of baseball/sports is very prevalent throughout the restaurant without being too gaudy or ridiculous. This is definitely an upscale sports bar and not some dive. The music was in the pop genre, and fit in perfectly with the overall atmosphere of the restaurant. There are big screen TVs throughout the restaurant, with the bar donning 2 of the largest TVs I have ever seen. The TVs all had on various sports related shows, and I can only imagine on Red Sox game days, they will all be tuned to the game. When I walked around the restaurant after dinner, {I’ll get back to the food in a minute}, I was smiling the whole time. The back wall has an identical floor to ceiling window spanning the entire length of the wall. What is the view out the window, you ask? Why, historic Fenway Park, of course! When you look out the expansive window you see the side of Fenway with all the Red Sox retire numbers! Speaking of the Red Sox retired numbers, Jerry Remy and his team have commemorated Doerr (1), Cronin (4), Pesky (6), Yastrzemski (8), Williams (9), Rice (14) and Fisk (27) by having their Sox jerseys framed and displayed beautifully in the back portion of the restaurant. On the side walls there are various Boston/New England black and white photos for patrons to enjoy. {My personal favorite, is the Teddy Bruschi photo!}

Now, for the food…our “Starting Line Up” included clam chowder for me and chicken strips for Paul. The chowder was not great, and after speaking with Don, the General Manager, he said they had had issues with the chowder, trying to get a balanced constancy to it. He said last week it was too watery and when I had it, it was too congealed and almost like a gel rather than a soup. I ate this strange concoction any way because the flavor was quite good. Paul said his 4 chicken strips, which came on skewer sticks, were very tender. The chicken strips came with four sauces for dipping, and I believe Paul tried all four. Now the main courses…I had a 9 oz Angus beef burger with extra cheddar cheese and Paul had the pulled pork with mashed potatoes and coleslaw. My dish was served with fries and a deep-fried pickle! I had always wanted to try a deep-fried pickle, and let me tell ya….it was SO GOOD! Once I put mustard and mayo on my burger, I was ready to go. This was…and I am not exaggerating…one of the best burgers I have ever had. It was cooked exactly the way I ordered, medium rare, and the bun was big enough that the large burger was not falling out or getting lost within it. The burger was so big, that I only ate half of it, but took the other half home for dinner the next night. The fries were pretty good, but I only ate a few because the burger was just SO GOOD! Paul had the pulled pork, which I believe he enjoyed. I was impressed with his plate because of the clever use of edible/biodegradable containers for the coleslaw and mashed potatoes. The coleslaw came in a tortilla chip and the mashed potatoes came in a round waffle french fry. JRSB&G is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

After we finished our meal, the General Manager, Don, came over and introduced himself. He was, like the rest of the staff, very friendly and easy to talk to. He answered the few questions I had, and said he looked forward to seeing me back on Opening Night with my girl friends. He told Paul and I that we could walk around and take as many pictures as we liked. Jerry has definitely left his restaurant in great hands with Don at the helm of this wonderful ship.

The location of the restaurant is excellent. If you know where Fenway Park is…you’ll be able to find JRSB&G with no problems! The address is: 1265 Boylston St., Boston, Ma. 02130. It is right on Boylston St a few doors down from the Fenway CVS.

The food prices are absolutely affordable. The appetizers start at $6 and go up a little from there; the main courses start at $9 and go up from there; the desserts, we didn’t have, but their prices were on par with the rest of the menu. Drinks were on par for what you would pay at any upscale bar in Boston. {maybe a little less than par actually}

If I had to grade Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar & Grill, ….I would give them an overall grade of 97! Great place to eat and enjoy a wonderful atmosphere! As is the motto of REM DAWG NATION…this restaurant is SIMPLY THE BEST!!!


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